Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February Roundup

The following is a list of romances I read & finished during the month of February. Listed in the order I read them:

1.Charming the Highlander

2.The Mystery Kiss

3.Lord Nightengale's Debut

4-6.Kiss of the Highlander, Dark Highlander & To Tame A Highlander

7.Sex, Lies & Vampires

8. Touched By Time

9.Valentine's Change of Heart

10.Love Underground

I also read The Romanov Prophecy. I had one DNF A Patriot's Heart, review here. The January DNF was Warrior's Song by Catherine Coulter, found

Year to Date Summary

20 Romances, 2 Thrillers, 2 DNF


Anne E. said...

Have you been able to log in to the new RT web site? I am having problems with registration -- no confirming e-mail has been sent and it has been over 30 minutes since I set up my account. Normally these things are within a minute or two.

Bookwormom said...

Yes, I'm having trouble too. I'm unsure if I made an error or two, which is likely as I'm not feeling well & half asleep.

Anne E. said...

I e-mailed the webmaster and customer service last night. Am at home today so I can check throughout the day when I have the time. Seem to be having some computer issues today with a couple of sites, h owever.

Sillycrazyme said...

Wow, and I thought I read a lot of books! :-)

Anne E. said...

Amanda, I finally heard from customer service rep (Nancy) on the RT website. I had to e-mail my user name and password to her so she can notify the webmaster to activate my account. I was having some computer problems this morning with accessing some of my favorites, and had to reboot. Send an e-mail to Nancy or to the webmaster to get account activated.

McVane said...

Ooh. The Romanov Prophecy sounds good. I'm getting one. thanks. :)