Thursday, February 16, 2006

Library treasures

Found on the library trade shelves yesterday:

1. Loving the Highlander by Janet Chapman

2. Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister

Purchased for Husband last night: The Third Secret by Steve Berry

Bought at Wally World on a whim Irresistable Forces edited by Catherine Asaro. This has short stories by Jo Beverley, MJP, Lois McMaster Bujold, C. Asaro, Jennifer Roberson & Deb Stover. I've read at least one work by all of the authors except two. I rarely buy anthologies so I'm breaking my own rule. I hope it'll be worth it.

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Anne E. said...

I don't know those books, but I do have a recommendation for a nice little Harlequin Historical Regency: "The Duchess's Next Husband," by Terri Brisbin. It was published last year in May(HH #751). No silly & lightweight mystery that you figure out in the first two chapters, just a nice story about a couple that has drifted through their marriage for the last seven years, and are surprised to find out the old feelings aren't entirely gone. Add a mean mother-in-law and fun secondary characters and you have a good two-day reading experience.