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Thursday 13 #44~13 Reason why I can't post a Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Bookwormom

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For the past two days, plus today and tomorrow, we' have a crew in the kitchen and bathroom tearing up and replacing the floors. Multiple saws and drills and hammering, ripping out and tearing up and gluing and caulking. They seem to have torn out all of my brain cells and motivation to post. I remind myself that the end result will be well worth it, but the intermediate process is stressful.

1. Writer's block

2.Half of our kitchen floor is being torn up and the reconstruction noise is driving me batty

3. Writer's block

4. Piles and stacks and towers of kitchen items are drowning me

5. Writer's block

6. My vacuum is calling me. The dust and debris and the musty smell rising from the crawl space is awful. I need to clean.

7. Writer's block

8. Our parakeets have more to say than I do

9. Writer's block

10. I'd rather be on the beach

11. Writer's block

12. Or taking a nap

13. All done!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miles in Love; Lois McMaster Bujold

Another omnibus put out by Baen, this one has two full size novels and one novella. I read the two full size novels: Komarr and A Civil Campaign. The novella is Winterfair Gifts, also available in the romance anthology which I read when it came out. Links to LMB's webpage in the title above. Reminder, there are two ways to read about Miles Vorkosigan: publishing order or by internal series timeline. All of the novels in Miles in Love center around Miles falling in love (duh! lol) with and his courtship of Ekaterin Vorsoisson. I will try very hard not to give too many plot details away below.

Komarr is set on the planet of the same name not long after the war between Miles’ people and the Komarrans. Thus the stage is primed with latent hostilities and suspicion before the action begins. Komarr has been terraformed, a type of planetwide landscaping, for many years. One of the technologies used to improve life on Komarr is a giant solar array. Somehow, several of the giant mirrors were destroyed in a tug accident. Lord Auditor Vorthys and Miles are in orbit around Komarr to investigate the accident. Lord Vorthys is Ekaterin’s uncle and he brings Miles down to the Vorsoisson’s apartment in the capitol city of Serifosa. Things snowball dramatically from there.

Ekaterin, IMO, is exceptionally well drawn. Trapped both by her upbringing and by necessity in an unhappy marriage with a manipulative, emotionally unavailable man, Bujold limns Ekaterin with grace and light and strength. She finds Miles both puzzling and charming, but mostly she’s coping with her husband and trying to shield their son Nicolai from the worst of his father (which is indifference). Meanwhile, the investigation proceeds apace.

A Civil Campaign takes up immediately after Komarr. Ekaterin and Nicolai have returned to Vorbarr Sultana and are staying with Ekaterin’s uncle. The Vorr are still a patriarchal society, there are legal issues between Ekaterin and her male relatives that complicate matters. Then of course there’s Miles’ cousin Ivan Vorpatril who likes nothing better than to makes Miles’ life as difficult as possible ‘all in the name of fun,’ of course. Not only that, Miles’ clone brother Marc shows up. Politics and paternalism rear their ugly heads, but rest assured romance fans- there is a happy ending.

Winterfair Gifts takes place a few months later, just before Miles and Ekaterin get married. The primary story is set around Armsman Roic and Sergeant Taura of the Dendarii Mercenaries. Taura is in town for the wedding and Roic is assigned to her courtesy escort detail. Primarily the theme is one of finding a place where you can belong, looking beyond appearances, love and acceptance. This novella is also found in both Irresistible Forces and Miles in Love.

Images found on the following sites: Content Reserve, Princeton NJ public library, East Baton Rouge LA public library, and on Catherine Asaro's webpage.

Edited to correct book title Winterfair Gifts is in.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miles, Mutants and Microbes; Lois McMaster Bujold

Miles, Mutants and Microbes is one of the omnibus editions Ms. Bujold and her publishers have been putting out over the last few years. Baen published it August 2007. Images found on Fantastic Fiction.It contains the following three novels: Falling Free, Labyrinth and Diplomatic Immunity. I came to the Vorkosigan saga late in the game, so the omnibuses help me catch up quickly. Not only that, our local library carries them all, so learning to love Miles has been easy on my pocketbook too. Bonus!

People read about Miles Vorkosigan one of two ways: publishing order or by internal series timeline. Since I’m a simpleminded woman I read them in chronological order. The volumes in MMaM are not in chronological order and I borrowed it to read Diplomatic Immunity. I’ve read several Miles books this month but these opinions will not be posted by the internal series order, so you may prefer to skip this review until I get the others done. Hopefully by next week. If I’m organized enough.

Diplomatic Immunity then, is a mystery wrapped in Miles and Ekaterin’s honeymoon. At the tail end of their weeks long exotic honeymoon Emperor Gregor sends a message to Miles. There has been a murder and (supposedly) unlawful detention of members of Gregor’s forces on Graf Station in the Union of Free Habitats, which is colloquially known as Quaddiespace. Unfortunately Gregor was sent several different versions of what happened. To get to the bottom of the mess, Gregor sends Miles and Ekaterin since they’re closest.

Once on Graf Station Miles is reunited with Bel Thorne. Bel is a Betan hermaphrodite who followed his Quaddie lover out to her home world and then built a life there with her. That Bel also had a crush on Miles complicates matters a bit. Genetics, political sabotage, kidnapping, enemies turned friends, and biological weapons add not a little spice to the mix. Of course, having Ekaterina around both helps and hinders Miles. I was refreshed by Ekaterin’s calm and accepting attitude and her ability to both get Miles to do what she wants and to help the investigation along in ways Miles likely didn’t expect.

Excellent book. Will stand on its own, but the reader will miss the significance of some interactions. Links to author's page referencing the Vorkosigan books is in the title above.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

Long a favorite from my childhood, Beatrix Potter books have a prime place of honor on my bookshelves. Today is the 142nd anniversary of her birth.

Images found at the University of Pittsburgh library, English Lakes and Tim Allen Books.

Family Update

Hubby~ Has moved on from the cardiac care unit. Fourteen hour days and full time school and a theoretical family life were too much for one man to cope with. So he has returned to a position he held some years ago. At the time they were struggling with growth problems. Hubby being the provider for four people, he had to back away when they offered him a full time position. There simply wasn’t enough stability. Several years later they are on track and Hubby has signed up. Luckily they are willing to pay for his tuition and will reimburse books after the semester. Eight hour work days & flex scheduling means perhaps he will have a family life after all!

College Student~ Is working part time at the local golden arches with his sister. It’s on the local bus route and close enough to walk if they need to. He’s hoping to save up money to repair his wheels, pay for his books and maybe save up for a short trip next spring break. No definite plans as of yet, but the hope is there. He’s a little wide eyed about his semi adult status. Paying his bills and being able to come and go. He’s a total homebody though. He would’ve been happier to sit on the couch all summer and play video games. NOT.

Anime Queen~ Had a wonderful time at camp. Little AQ loved doing mission work in New Orleans despite nearly falling off the roof and having to help hang drywall by standing on the stack of sheets. She’s 5’1” if her hair is teased, so drywall hanging is a little out of her league. Literally.  Despite it all, she learned to love beignets and wants to return to help next year. AQ is a little dismayed to be working, “OMG Mom! A job?”at the golden arches, but she likes the money and hanging with her big brother. She tells me her friends were on her case about the golden arches part-“It’s soooo not cool mom!” But money is green and she doesn’t have to ask us for handouts.

Pianist~ Escaped for a few weeks with all of his grandparents then a week at camp. Poor thing, now he’s stuck with us for the rest of the summer. At least he has more motivation than his sibs: he gets paid to iron his father’s shirts $2 a pop. We owe him $40 for several weeks work. And he still has several shirts to go before he’s caught up. He’s had a piano lesson for the first time in six weeks. He’s such a cheerful kid, he’s great company.

As for me? I’m home full time, at least for the summer. I’m looking into computer training to (hopefully) improve my skillz. There’s bound to be a lot of hoop jumping in my future but I’m going to have to wait until the repairs are finished. I’m effectively tied to the house until next week. We don’t allow anyone in the house unless one of us here to keep an eye on things. The landlord is finally getting around to replacing the floor in my kitchen (including the joists) and the wall and floor in the bathroom. Apparently the company hired a contractor, the guy stopped by the other day and told me he’s likely to be here all week starting tomorrow. Other than that Hubby and have been taking hikes each Sunday afternoon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summers at Castle Auburn; Sharon Shinn

Ok, I'm falling way way behind here. This is my last June write up, then I've gotta get going with the July books. Procrastination is my middle name. Summers at Castle Auburn was published by Ace in 1991. Link to author's website in the title above. Nowadays it can most often be found in the young adult section. Cover image courtesy Fantastic Fiction.
For those of us who have no idea where Cotswold England is, here's a map courtesy of Cotswold PC. Ms. Shinn has set this novel in the Cotswolds area, albeit way back in the mists of alternate history.

Coriel and Elisandra Halsing are what contemporary folks would call half siblings. Unfortunately, Coriel was born on the wrong side of the blanket, so she was pretty much left with her granny until her father dies. Then her uncle convinces Coriel's wise woman granny to allow Coriel to spend the summers with him and his niece Elisandra at the seat of power: Castle Auburn. Elisandra has been betrothed to Prince Brian Ouvrelet since they were infants. Appearances are deceiving with Elisandra, beware coming to quick conclusions. Bryan is what he seems, unfortunately. Selfish, petulant, manipulative and cruel Bryan is destined to become the next King when he reaches his majority in several years. Kent Ouvrelet is Bryan's cousin, nurtured from the cradle to the responsability and duty of his position. Currently that seems to be mainly smoothing over ruffled feathers in Bryan's wake.

Coriel is the odd girl out. The reader benefits from her perspective as the outsider, but her lack of knowledge of some of the hidden currents of political and social events colors our perceptions. Through her eyes we watch events unfold over the summers: alliances made and alliances weakened, the young folks grow and change. More reckless, more aware, creating public personas, each person develops over the course of the years. Could Coriel be more unaware of the feelings of those who love her? Could the reader have seen it coming sooner? Finally the denoument arrives. Decisive actions and far reaching choices must be made. What happens to Coriel and Elsisandra makes for fascinating reading.

Very highly recommended.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 13 Blogroll

Thursday 13 #43- Tour de France fans

Thirteen Things about Bookwormom

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This week's list originates in my obsession with the Tour de France. It's on tv here every morning for three weeks each July. My family has learned that nothing will happen until the day's stage is over. I drink coffee and eat my toast while Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin discuss the day's stage and the scenery (which never fails to be gorgeous).

1. Saw a nude man running up L'Alpe D'Huez

2. Pair of matching Elvises (Elvi?) on Col de Fer

3. An inflatable roo waved at the camera to cheer on the Aussie riders

4. Several historical reenactors dressed up in medieval costume dancing and waving banners and charging around on equally outfitted horses atop the ruin of a castle.

5. So many flags along the route it looks like you're riding through a tunnel.

6.A veritable tower of babel of languages written across the roads

7. A merry band of blue gowned wizards cheering beside the road

8. The devil is wearing yellow this year. Or maybe it's an imposter. Usually the devil wears red.

9. On the mountains the fans pour water all over the riders as they pass by

10. At the summits riders will snatch bits of newspaper to stuff inside their jerseys to keep them warm as they barrel down the mountains

11. High gas prices or not Europeans seem to be as enamored of RVs and satellite dishes as Americans if the number of RVs parked along the sides of the roads are any indication.

12. Someone dressed up in a chipmunk mascot type costume (big and furry) in one of the little villages

13. People stand on the very outside shoulder of the mountain roads, seeming not to mind the sheer drop behind them or the lack of a barrier between them and the fall.

Post up

Over at Access Romance. Wondering about DNFs and how a book becomes one. Go on over and take a look!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wrapt in Crystal; Sharon Shinn

Hmmm. Another book I’ve put off writing up. Are you surprised? No? Well I’ll get on with it, shall I? This is one of Ms. Shinn’s stand alones, put out by Ace in 1999. It’s a neat kind of sci fi-mystery hybrid albeit with a surprising amount of religion and philosophy thrown in just to throw you a loop when you were least expecting it. The hero is a deep thinker, the kind of person who’d be a fascinating dinner companion. Sorry about the poor image, it's one of the few I could find for this title. Still, thanks to Amazon.

Ms. Shinn has peopled her universe with humans who’ve spread out across the stars, taking their Old World culture and customs with them. Naturally there must also be a unifying, giant, nearly faceless bureaucracy, in this instance peopled with members called Moonchildren. The basic plot goes thusly: small isolated European (specifically Spanish) type planet suddenly has a spate of murders. There are a small number of Moonchild diplomats on planet negotiating over a possible treaty wherein Semay might join the federation of planets. The governor of Semay (can’t remember if that’s his title, I forgot to write his name down) asks for an investigator to come out and help in the investigation.

The investigator in question would be Lt. Cowen Drake. Late thirties or so, usual quasi military type who looks good in a uniform. Not a mindless, soulless cog in the machine though. You’ll just have to find out for yourself. Drake is behind the eight ball by the time he lands, unfortunately. There have been quite a few murders, equal numbers of members of the two predominant religious sects on Semay. Then there’s the only female Moonchild stranded on Semay, who’s a little lonely for some male attention.

Poor Drake. Has to learn the language. Figure out the two religions. Convince the locals he really does know what he’s doing. Fend off the lonely Moonchild. Find the murderer before he or she strikes again. Figure out where the missing young lady went. Fill in the blanks and connect the dots, all in three hundred odd pages. Oh yes- and he needs to find something to fill the holes in his soul.

Wonderful book. Don’t know what I was expecting but Ms. Shinn managed to surprise me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reader and Raelynx; Sharon Shinn

Ok, I’m officially a slacker. I read this a month ago, but am only now getting around to writing up my thoughts. At this rate, my poor neglected blog will wither away from lack of posts. Summers are my hibernation season, though. It’s hot and humid and oppressive. And the Tour de France is on tv every morning. All of which combine to induce extreme lethargy.

Anyhow, Reader and Raelynx is the fourth book in the Twelve Houses series. Link in title above goes to Ms.Shinn's webpages devoted to this series. Like the other books, the little band of friends reappears. This time assisting Princess Amalie and Lord Regent Romar with a little matter of suppressing a small rebellion. Burying Amalie’s father and rallying the troops. Despite the resolution of certain plot points and the murder of heroes and villains there are plenty of issues in Gillengaria to feed books to come. Speaking of which, the next Twelve Houses book is due late this coming fall and is titled Fortune and Fate and is the story of one of the King’s Riders who refuses to serve under Princess Amalie.

The necessity of Amalie’s marriage resurfaces, as does the fact that Amalie is not submissive to her advisors’ thinly veiled demands. So we have virgins, political plots, dynastic marriages, kidnapping, and a new type of magic that may prove to be the downfall of the entire kingdom. Senneth has serious troubles all her own, and this time there is little Tayse can do to protect her except offer his love and companionship. Some of Valri’s mysteries are solved, but the triangle between Kirra and Donnal and Lord Regent Romar does not seem so neatly wrapped up after all.

Reader and Raelynx does not stand so easily on its own and I think it better to read the previous three titles (Mystic and Rider, The Thirteenth House and Dark Moon Rider) first. I've read all of the titles in this series, including the short story, click author list to the right to read about the others. Excellent continuation of the series. Highly recommended.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 13 #42: Dark Moon Defender; Sharon Shinn

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Thursday 13 originated here. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! Click link in the title above to go to a list of other Thirteeners, compiled by Technorati. If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in the comments. It’s easy and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well. I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things.

1.Dark Moon Rider is the third book in the Twelve Houses series written by Sharon Shinn. Available in both hardcover and mass market formats.

2. First title in the series is a Mystic and Rider. Second title in the series, The Thirteenth House.

3. While the first two volumes touch on the religious intolerance sweeping Gillengaria, this third novel delineates it much more clearly. Like our contemporary world, a combination of true belief, keeping up appearances, fear and apathy combine to spread a belief system which feeds our basest behaviors and turns us against each other in a time of need.

4. Into this cheery scenario toss two young ladies, sent off to the Daughters' Convent, far from their home and with no one to look out for them but each other. The language is different, the customs are different, and it appears that there may be odd events going on in the convent and nearby town. You can always depend on the blood ties of kinship to keep one safe though. Right?

5. King's Rider Justin has been sent to the little town to spy on the activities of the Daughters. Find a good cover, hunker down and keep his ears and eyes open. Stay out of trouble, don't cause trouble, send reports back to the capital city. Er..and keep away from the ladies. Especially THOSE ladies.

6. Question: if you don't really believe what they're trying to teach you, will the Goddess know and get her revenge? Or will your true Goddess protect and keep you? Even if you're far from her?

7. Is it possible for young soldiers to follow orders all the time? Even if they've no supervising sergeant/officer nearby?

8. Coralinda Gisseltess, sister to one Halchon Gisseltess, who happens to be one of those Marlords trying to overthrow the king, is the equivalent of the abbess at the convent. The fact that she actively advoctes racism greed and intolerance beneath honeyed words is distrubingly overlooked by many of those who ought to be paying attention.

9. Actually, the spread of the belief system in this book reminded me of Nazism in the 1930's and WW II. The Balkans. Sudan. Rwanda. Human beings the world over seem to think,"So long as those people (whoever they might be), aren't my neighbors or my family, who cares what happens to them?? I've bills to pay and a life to lead. Let someone else help them."

10. The thing that I noticed immediately, that is- when I read the short story in A Queen in Winter and it came up again in this book: why didn't Coralinda's enemies, like Justin or Senneth or Tayse or any number of others who watched her hunt for magic, realize that Coralinda herself was one of those she purportedly wanted to get rid of? What made her gift better or different than that of those she perecuted?

11. And another thing: it should have been obvious to a thinking character that Coralinda and her brother Halchon were working in tandem, with similar gifts and goals, to acheive a political end: putting one or both of them on the throne. It seems that this was doubted though. That the prevailing outlook was to hope that Coralinda and Halchon presented two separate problems. At the same time.

12. Love blooms in the most unlikely of situations.

13. Excellent book. Will stand alone, but would be best appreciated in the context of the series.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Thirteenth House; Sharon Shinn

This is the second in the Twelve Houses series, the first is Mystic and Rider and the third title is Dark Moon Rider. Link to Ms. Shinn's website in the title above. Ms. Shinn is well known for her Samaria series, but I’ve not read any of them yet. I think it would be easy to pick up the Twelve Houses series with this book, each book stands on it's own. Although be prepared to want the the rest of them!

The set up is as follows: small group of spies, made up of professional soldiers and mystics, is information gathering and going on missions for the king in the kingdom of Gillengaria. The kingdom is made up of twelve feudal lords under their overlord the king. Several of the lords are fomenting political and religious dissent, thus the king’s concern causes him to form this intrepid group.

In the opener, Serra (a courtesy title similar to Lady) Kirra Danalustrous, her faithful companion Donnal and Justin infiltrate a remote manor the rescue the missing regent, Lord Romar. The king is still alive, but fears of assassination and imminent war lead the king to name a regent for his daughter Princess Amalie- just in case the worst case scenario happens. Events in Serra Kirra’s home province of Danalustrous cause her to assume her sister’s image and identity and then go on a grand tour of the kingdom with Princess Amalie, Queen Valri, Senneth, Tayse, Donnal, Cammon and Justin. It’s basically Gillengaria’s traditional social round, similar to the Season in Regency romances.

The problem is Serra Kirra and Lord Romar embark on a hot affair amid all of the intrigue. To complicate matters, Lord Romar figures out Kirra’s true identity. And he’s already married. But they don’t care. Big surprise. Adrenaline, danger and the thrill of the forbidden spur them on against all odds. However nothing is as it seems and the situation steadily gets more and more dangerous as the tour progresses. Donnal and Kirra are estranged because of the choices she’s making. The Princess is not as malleable as her protectors might prefer. Not to mention an odd disease spreading through Gillengaria, and the unusual, possibly unethical, cure discovered by Kirra.

I especially enjoyed the reappearance of all of the companions from the first novel. Their friendship and continuing character development were very satisfying. The political and social dynamics and the resulting changes and uncertainties are quite well done. Gillengaria itself is a well tended character in the story. Romar and Kirra’s torrid, urgent feelings and actions were very realistic although I thought the wrap up between Kirra and Donnal was...unfinished, I suppose. Murky. Then again that might be the romance reader in me, wishing and hoping.

The Thirteenth House is a satisfying addition to the Twelve Houses series. Highly recommended.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Mystic and Rider; Sharon Shinn

A few days ago I wrote out a short review, longhand. Then it got buried under a pile of crap on my nightstand. After that it grew weird tie dye splotches in the middle of the page. So now I have to read through the splotches and remember what I wrote the first time. If only I was less of a procrastinator or more organized or both!

I came across the Twelve Houses series quite by accident, if you really want to know. A few weeks ago I read an anthology titled The Queen in Winter to which Sharon Shinn contributed a story. Her story and her writing caught my attention, so I put requests in at the library. Eventually I had all of the Twelve Houses books sitting on my shelves.

Mystic and Rider is set in a small feudal kingdom, Gillengaria, comprised of twelve regional lords and the king. The lords are restive, deliberately fomenting political and religious unrest. The king sends a small party out into the kingdom to listen in at the taverns and at the great halls and the inns and the posting houses to try and get a feel for what’s going on, what people are saying and doing in relation to the political situation.

One of the traveling party is Senneth, a fire mystic and swordswoman. She holds her cards close to her chest, tries to live up to her ideals and is a confidante of the king. Other than that, she’s not too much for sharing confidences. And she’s defintitely not intimidated by the likes of soldiers. Independent and intelligent, Senneth is warm and caring yet also has a quality of watchfulness that sometimes marks one who has been down the road a mile or two. And not the flat easy sections either. What makes Senneth tick and why does Tayse attract her attention so?

Tayse is a member of the elite King’s Riders and specifically assigned to keep Senneth safe amid the myriad dangers inherent with travel. He is suspicious of Senneth because of her refusal to discuss her background in any detail, not to mention the elemental power in her bones. Tayse grew up in the insular world of professional soldiers in the capital city. Never needed to venture beyond his comfort zones until he met Senneth. Tayse’s first loyalty is to their king, who told Tayse to keep Senneth safe. So that’s his first priority. She puzzles him though. Very much so and very much against his will.

Although MaR is a fantasy, there are strong romantic elements. Senneth and Tayse dance warily around each other like fencers probing for the first opening. Meanwhile the political situation steadily worsens, and religious fanaticism rears its ugly head. Gillengaria and its people fascinated me. Unlike many countries, primogeniture isn’t restricted to males. First born women can inherit titles and property. Women often hold what traditionally man’s jobs, for example smithing or mercenary for hire. Yet slavery, in the guise of indentured servitude, was accepted even if not widespread. Religious fanaticism and intolerance were spreading.

Mystic and Rider is the first in a multibook arc. I have read everything available & they are all quite good, reviews coming soonest. Second title in the series is The Thirteenth House, currently out in paperback. The newest title will be Fortune and Fate , coming this November according to Locus Magazine although Ms. Shinn's website (click link in title above) says only fall 2008. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

June Reading

Listed in no particular order:

1. Kushiel’s Mercy; Jacqueline Carey
2. Mystic and Rider; Sharon Shinn Review coming
3. The Thirteenth House; Sharon Shinn Review coming
4. Dark Moon Rising; Sharon Shinn Review coming
5. Reader and Raelynx; Sharon Shinn Review coming
6. Wrapt in Crystal; Sharon Shinn Review coming
7. Summers at Castle Auburn; Sharon Shinn Review coming
8. Force of Nature; Suzanne Brockmann
9. All Through the Night; Suzanne Brockmann
10.Just Perfect; Judith Lansdowne
11. Just Impossible; Judith Lansdowne
12. Just in Time; Judith Lansdowne

Uh, yeah. Glommimg Sharon Shinn, as is obvious.