Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 13 #43- Tour de France fans

Thirteen Things about Bookwormom

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This week's list originates in my obsession with the Tour de France. It's on tv here every morning for three weeks each July. My family has learned that nothing will happen until the day's stage is over. I drink coffee and eat my toast while Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin discuss the day's stage and the scenery (which never fails to be gorgeous).

1. Saw a nude man running up L'Alpe D'Huez

2. Pair of matching Elvises (Elvi?) on Col de Fer

3. An inflatable roo waved at the camera to cheer on the Aussie riders

4. Several historical reenactors dressed up in medieval costume dancing and waving banners and charging around on equally outfitted horses atop the ruin of a castle.

5. So many flags along the route it looks like you're riding through a tunnel.

6.A veritable tower of babel of languages written across the roads

7. A merry band of blue gowned wizards cheering beside the road

8. The devil is wearing yellow this year. Or maybe it's an imposter. Usually the devil wears red.

9. On the mountains the fans pour water all over the riders as they pass by

10. At the summits riders will snatch bits of newspaper to stuff inside their jerseys to keep them warm as they barrel down the mountains

11. High gas prices or not Europeans seem to be as enamored of RVs and satellite dishes as Americans if the number of RVs parked along the sides of the roads are any indication.

12. Someone dressed up in a chipmunk mascot type costume (big and furry) in one of the little villages

13. People stand on the very outside shoulder of the mountain roads, seeming not to mind the sheer drop behind them or the lack of a barrier between them and the fall.

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