Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reader and Raelynx; Sharon Shinn

Ok, I’m officially a slacker. I read this a month ago, but am only now getting around to writing up my thoughts. At this rate, my poor neglected blog will wither away from lack of posts. Summers are my hibernation season, though. It’s hot and humid and oppressive. And the Tour de France is on tv every morning. All of which combine to induce extreme lethargy.

Anyhow, Reader and Raelynx is the fourth book in the Twelve Houses series. Link in title above goes to Ms.Shinn's webpages devoted to this series. Like the other books, the little band of friends reappears. This time assisting Princess Amalie and Lord Regent Romar with a little matter of suppressing a small rebellion. Burying Amalie’s father and rallying the troops. Despite the resolution of certain plot points and the murder of heroes and villains there are plenty of issues in Gillengaria to feed books to come. Speaking of which, the next Twelve Houses book is due late this coming fall and is titled Fortune and Fate and is the story of one of the King’s Riders who refuses to serve under Princess Amalie.

The necessity of Amalie’s marriage resurfaces, as does the fact that Amalie is not submissive to her advisors’ thinly veiled demands. So we have virgins, political plots, dynastic marriages, kidnapping, and a new type of magic that may prove to be the downfall of the entire kingdom. Senneth has serious troubles all her own, and this time there is little Tayse can do to protect her except offer his love and companionship. Some of Valri’s mysteries are solved, but the triangle between Kirra and Donnal and Lord Regent Romar does not seem so neatly wrapped up after all.

Reader and Raelynx does not stand so easily on its own and I think it better to read the previous three titles (Mystic and Rider, The Thirteenth House and Dark Moon Rider) first. I've read all of the titles in this series, including the short story, click author list to the right to read about the others. Excellent continuation of the series. Highly recommended.

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