Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Update

Hubby~ Has moved on from the cardiac care unit. Fourteen hour days and full time school and a theoretical family life were too much for one man to cope with. So he has returned to a position he held some years ago. At the time they were struggling with growth problems. Hubby being the provider for four people, he had to back away when they offered him a full time position. There simply wasn’t enough stability. Several years later they are on track and Hubby has signed up. Luckily they are willing to pay for his tuition and will reimburse books after the semester. Eight hour work days & flex scheduling means perhaps he will have a family life after all!

College Student~ Is working part time at the local golden arches with his sister. It’s on the local bus route and close enough to walk if they need to. He’s hoping to save up money to repair his wheels, pay for his books and maybe save up for a short trip next spring break. No definite plans as of yet, but the hope is there. He’s a little wide eyed about his semi adult status. Paying his bills and being able to come and go. He’s a total homebody though. He would’ve been happier to sit on the couch all summer and play video games. NOT.

Anime Queen~ Had a wonderful time at camp. Little AQ loved doing mission work in New Orleans despite nearly falling off the roof and having to help hang drywall by standing on the stack of sheets. She’s 5’1” if her hair is teased, so drywall hanging is a little out of her league. Literally.  Despite it all, she learned to love beignets and wants to return to help next year. AQ is a little dismayed to be working, “OMG Mom! A job?”at the golden arches, but she likes the money and hanging with her big brother. She tells me her friends were on her case about the golden arches part-“It’s soooo not cool mom!” But money is green and she doesn’t have to ask us for handouts.

Pianist~ Escaped for a few weeks with all of his grandparents then a week at camp. Poor thing, now he’s stuck with us for the rest of the summer. At least he has more motivation than his sibs: he gets paid to iron his father’s shirts $2 a pop. We owe him $40 for several weeks work. And he still has several shirts to go before he’s caught up. He’s had a piano lesson for the first time in six weeks. He’s such a cheerful kid, he’s great company.

As for me? I’m home full time, at least for the summer. I’m looking into computer training to (hopefully) improve my skillz. There’s bound to be a lot of hoop jumping in my future but I’m going to have to wait until the repairs are finished. I’m effectively tied to the house until next week. We don’t allow anyone in the house unless one of us here to keep an eye on things. The landlord is finally getting around to replacing the floor in my kitchen (including the joists) and the wall and floor in the bathroom. Apparently the company hired a contractor, the guy stopped by the other day and told me he’s likely to be here all week starting tomorrow. Other than that Hubby and have been taking hikes each Sunday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have our family pianist here. Today, his first day, he has already vaccumed the family room, living and dining rooms!!! Fixed computer ailments,etc. There's no telling what else he'll do! He loves his bike being here.
Hopefully, our stove will be fixed on Friday so we can eat!!!
Love Mom