Monday, March 28, 2005

Finally reading again

Well, have decided to continue on with the Fat Girl's Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker. It's quite good. Ms. Shanker reveals several facts about commonly held, mass media supported myths which seem to be grounded in sand (ie: not as firmly founded science as one might hope for) & she is kind enough to annotate her book too... Ms. Shanker also has quite a lot to say about the well known weight loss program at Duke University. Makes me glad I'm poor & unable to pay for such a program! So far, however, she has not mentioned the Framingham Heart Study. It is long term & well regarded. Perhaps it'll be mentioned further into the book. It is an unusual oversight in an otherwise well researched book.
I hope Ms. Shanker plans to write more, her touch is deft & insightful, while also funny. Meanwhile, I believe the mystery kick is over. The romances neatly piled into the hoarde known as my TBR pile are calling my name. Just which one to begin with remains the problem though. Solvable tomorrow I'm sure.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Catching up

Wow. What a horrible couple of days. Bad family events, which will require travel over Easter Sunday plus Monday & Tuesday likely too. It's only human nature to feel vulnerable when tragic events overtake us, but like most people I always thought such things happen to "someone else". Now we are the someone else. The ones people will shake their heads over the morning newspaper & repeat the usual platitudes- "Thank goodness it wasn't us" or "You'd better be more careful, look what happened to so & so".

SO- on to brighter topics. I went to the yarn shop & bought some new cross stitch patterns. The bag is currently out in my trunk or else I'd tell you what I splurged on. I also bought what I thought was a clip light that attaches to an embroidery frame & uses natural light lightbulbs. Turns out I bought a good quality magnifying glass that arches over the hoop (similar to a swan's neck). It's very nice & I could actually use it since my eyesight is poor at best- otherwise known as blind as a bat. LOL However, it isn't what I wanted or expected. Hmm...I'll likely keep it & use it anyway, but ...*pouts* Darn it ! I want my bright light! So I can drag my embroidery bag wherever I go & still have enough light. Of course I have books in my bag too...

I also started the Fat Girl's book I mentioned a few days ago. Basically it turns out to be an explanation of how this particular author made peace with her body image & weight while attempting to combat society's attitudes. It's good. I thought it'd be lighter in tone than it turned out to be. Given the events of the last few days I doubt I'll keep up with it right now.

I just picked up a copy of Peter Tremayne's "Suffer the Children" with Sister Fidelma as the sleuth. I tend not to read much light & fluffy. Maybe I'll read one of my grandfather's PG Wodehouse novels. They're multipurpose; sentimentality, nostalgia and light & fluffy. He was a master. Maybe I'll read one of Corrie Ten Boom's memoirs on WW II & faith in the face of terrible inhumanity.

Anyway. I'll be back as much as I can, but it may not be very often until the middle or end of next week. *note to myself- why is it always so late when I write these little notes?!*

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Attics, Easter & being a pack rat

Busy day- no reading, but did manage to wander around a local bookstore for a good long while. I must be sick though! lol I only bought two. One is for hubby, "Bringing Down the House" byBen Mezrich, about a bunch of MIT students who beat the casinos. The other book is "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life" by Wendy Shanker. Recommended by a friend, it's memoir/rant on American culture. Sounds funny & sad too. I opened it at random to an anecdote about the author working out alone in a public gym only to have another person come up & ask the author to turn down her Walkman because it was "too loud".

Came home & found hubby getting ready to explore the wilds of the attic in search of Easter decor & baskets & all that jazz. Naturally this turned into a major project, but I guess I can't complain. We managed to rid ourselves of a fair sized mound of unneeded crap. I figured if it had been up there over a year & I didn't miss it- why keep it? Anyhow. The result of all this is not only did I not start my new book (or keep working on my other one) I also didn't catch all of my favorite blogs, any of the news, etc. Ok, pity party over I guess.

I hope tomorrow is more productive reading wise, but I doubt it. I need to finish Easter shopping & I'll have to pick up the kids from my sister. I also need to go back to the gym.

How is it that humans become so attached to our stuff? I freely admit my books are one of the few things I have a really hard time weeding out, but why? Comfort? Security? Relaxation?


Monday, March 21, 2005

Baby blogger; or- Am I really an exhibitionist?!

Ok- so here I am. A new blogger. Supposedly about my reading life- except that nothing's eally captured my interest. I spend more time surfing & reading blogs than almost anything else. It's like being an exhibitionist really. Purposefully exposing yourself. Being a voyeur is less scary. Maybe not scary. Intimidating?

So- I'm off to the gym for a late evening workout & whirlpool. Planning to start reading "The Ruby" by Christina Skye. Which I *umm..* borrowed from the swap rack at the gym without actually having a book to swap. Of course, this was also back in early Feb. so I guess you could say my conscience hasn't pricked me too hard to replace it. I'll just bring two or three books out of my UBS bag & leave them on the rack. Maybe I'll just read the new Economist that came this weekend. Maybe I'll just stay here & procrastinate my way out of a very needed workout. back later! :)