Thursday, March 24, 2005

Catching up

Wow. What a horrible couple of days. Bad family events, which will require travel over Easter Sunday plus Monday & Tuesday likely too. It's only human nature to feel vulnerable when tragic events overtake us, but like most people I always thought such things happen to "someone else". Now we are the someone else. The ones people will shake their heads over the morning newspaper & repeat the usual platitudes- "Thank goodness it wasn't us" or "You'd better be more careful, look what happened to so & so".

SO- on to brighter topics. I went to the yarn shop & bought some new cross stitch patterns. The bag is currently out in my trunk or else I'd tell you what I splurged on. I also bought what I thought was a clip light that attaches to an embroidery frame & uses natural light lightbulbs. Turns out I bought a good quality magnifying glass that arches over the hoop (similar to a swan's neck). It's very nice & I could actually use it since my eyesight is poor at best- otherwise known as blind as a bat. LOL However, it isn't what I wanted or expected. Hmm...I'll likely keep it & use it anyway, but ...*pouts* Darn it ! I want my bright light! So I can drag my embroidery bag wherever I go & still have enough light. Of course I have books in my bag too...

I also started the Fat Girl's book I mentioned a few days ago. Basically it turns out to be an explanation of how this particular author made peace with her body image & weight while attempting to combat society's attitudes. It's good. I thought it'd be lighter in tone than it turned out to be. Given the events of the last few days I doubt I'll keep up with it right now.

I just picked up a copy of Peter Tremayne's "Suffer the Children" with Sister Fidelma as the sleuth. I tend not to read much light & fluffy. Maybe I'll read one of my grandfather's PG Wodehouse novels. They're multipurpose; sentimentality, nostalgia and light & fluffy. He was a master. Maybe I'll read one of Corrie Ten Boom's memoirs on WW II & faith in the face of terrible inhumanity.

Anyway. I'll be back as much as I can, but it may not be very often until the middle or end of next week. *note to myself- why is it always so late when I write these little notes?!*


Tara Marie said...

I posted to your thread over at RT, I am so sorry, I can't even imagine dealing with this.

It looks like your still on a mystery kick. I read all the Ellis Peters books I picked up at the UBS--loved them. But then went back to romance--I might have to go back to mysteries, I've been reading the same book for days. And it came highly recommended, oh well.

I love cross stitch, but I'm not faithful enough to it to invest in anymore projects. I'd rather read, now there's a shock.

Anonymous said...

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