Sunday, September 21, 2008

Traditional Regencies


I do not 'grade' books I read. I either keep them or trade them or return them . All books are traded or returned unless I specifically say I've kept them.

It Happened One Night; Anthology (Balogh, Laurens, D'Alessandro & Hern)

Aunt Dimity and the Duke, Nancy Atherton

Lady Silence, Blair Bancroft

A Noble Resolve, Sara Blayne

Theodora, Sara Blayne

The Devil's Due, Rita Boucher

Her Perfect Earl, Bethany Brooks

The Ruby Ghost; June Calvin Cross indexed in paranormal romance (ghosts)

The Earl's Prize; Nicola Cornick
Lady Scandal, Shannon Donnelly

Under the Kissing Bough, Shannon Donnelly

Love’s Reward, Jean Ross Ewing

Valentine's Change of Heart, Elisabeth Fairchild

A Sister's Quest; JoAnne Ferguson

A Daughter's Destiny; JoAnne Ferguson more info

A Singular Lady, Megan Frampton

Cupid's Mistake; Karen Harbaugh Cross indexed in mythological romance

The Scent of Lilacs, Barbara Hazard

Lavender Blue; Sandra Heath Cross indexed in fae romance

Marigold's Marriages; Sandra Heath more info
here Cross indexed in fae romance

Elizabeth's Mistake; Emily Hendrickson

Lord Nick’s Folly, Emily Hendrickson

Pursuing Priscilla, Emily Hendrickson

Drusilla's Downfall, Emily Hendrickson

Miss Timothy Perseveres, Emily Hendrickson

Tabitha's Tangle, Emily Hendrickson

Miss Haycroft's Suitors, Emily Hendrickson

One Good Turn, Carla Kelly

Lord Draggoner's Wife, Lynn Kerstan

A Bird in Hand, Alison Lane

Birds of a Feather, Allison Lane

Devalls Angel, Alison Lane

The Bedeviled Duke; Judith Lansdowne

Just Impossible, Judith Lansdowne

Just Perfect, Judith Lansdowne

Just in Time; Judith Lansdowne

The Mystery Kiss, Judith Lansdowne

Lord Nightengale's Debut, Judith Landsowne

Lord Nightengale’s Triumph, Judith Lansdowne

Four in Hand; Stephanie Laurens

Lady Leprechaun, Melinda McRae

A Christmas Kiss, Elizabeth Mansfield

The Magnificent Masquerade, Elizabeth Mansfield

Winter Wonderland, Elizabeth Mansfield

A Passionate Endeavor, Sophia Nash

Just Say Yes, Myretta Robens

The Last of the Winter Roses, Jeanne Savery

The Perfect Husband, Jeanne Savery

Touched by Time, Leane Shawler

A Rake's Redemption; Donna Simpson

Moonlight and Mischief, Rhonda Woodward

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