Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Beyond Temptation

Written by Mary Reed McCall and published by Avon in 2005 I have to say I absolutely hate the cover but I bought it anyway. Then it sat in my TBR. Sat & sat & sat. Until finally yesterday I was in Wally World with Husband & Son #2. There it was again.

I picked it up & looked at it & thought"HMM, don't I have this at home already? Isn't this the third time this week you've nearly bought this book because it sounds so delicious? Perhaps you should go home & read the copy you already have!"

The hero & heroine have scarred & hurtful past histories of misjudgements, heartache & struggles. Despite each having cause to judge the other harshly, they manage to set aside their preconceived notions of the other person. Richard and Meg manage to listen quietly & learn from each other. The local villagers are suffering and need help. Richard must cope with the personal & political consequences of his Templar past, not to mention the mess made of his estate. Meg must set aside her strongly held beliefs & prejudices about the Templars & about Richard in particular. Now she must face her future as bravely as she can, no matter her fears or her past.

Richard and Meg are a hero and heroine who deserve & need their HEA. It's as though they became personal friends of mine- friends I wanted to hug & help make things better for. I don't often want to be friends with characters in my books, but sometimes the world & people an author creates are so wonderful & so rounded I can't help but wish I had a time machine if only I could be assured I go back and meet them.

Lord Nick's Folly

A Signet Traditional Regency written by Emily Hendrickson and published in 2002. This is one episode in the lives of the daughters of a small village rector. Nympha Herbert has been summoned to the northern estate of her mother's elderly aunt Letitia. Lord Nicholas Stanhope must travel to Mansfield to investigate a mystery man found dead on his property.

Along the way Nympha has travel troubles & becomes the focus of attention of a local second son, Nicholas Stanhope, and a Mr. Jacob Milburn. Nympha has never liked Lord Nicholas, having instead a serious crush on Nicholas' older brother. Mr. Milburn seems to be a mushroom who floats along from one houseparty to the next, thus saving himself money.

Nicholas and Nympha learn along the way that there are more facets to the other person than they previously recognized. Nympha learns the difference between true regard & feigned interest. She learns that sometimes the bitches really do get what they deserve. Really. There are scenes between Nympha & a snobby, scheming, nearly on the shelf duke's daughter that had my blood boiling. Poor Nympha- how can a rector's daughter compete with the likes of her?!

Of course, Nympha and Nick get their HEA. This is romance after all. I have read one other of the Herbert family stories. Somehow I like this family. Lots of daughters & one son. No other overarching thread stringing you along from book to book. Just a family trying to muddle along and get their daughters married off, LOL.

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