Friday, March 03, 2006

YA Romance- coming soon

Last summer I mentioned my sister's manuscript. She has maintained contact with this agent over the last few months. A few days ago she emailed me her manuscript & asked me to critique it, keeping the agent's suggestions in mind. Fortunately, my sister & I are able to be honest with each other.

The reason I mention this here is that, at this stage, there is a pretty awesome little romance happening here, people. It's aimed at young adults, and, yes, family loyalty and all that..but even so. I scrolled down to the end & sat there and said, "WOW! That was great!" A little on the bittersweet side, but quite the romance. In current form, it is a multicultural, biracial, coming of age story set in Tidewater Virginia. Very unusual in some aspects, yet topical & au courant.

So that is what I've been reading these last few days. A little polishing & a little luck & a lot of prayers & perhaps my adorable sister's book will be sitting on my shelves. I'm very excited & happy for her, she's worked very hard. I like it quite a bit & hope she gets it pubbed.


Kristie(J) said...

Good luck to your sister and here's hoping she finds a publisher that is interested! And how nice that you do have that kind of relationship :)

jenster said...

Very cool!!! Good luck to your sister and be sure to keep us posted.


ag said...

That sounds excting! So happy for your sister and hope to see the book in the stores soon.