Monday, March 20, 2006

Fat chick romances

Where are they? Monica Jackson says it HERE and HERE TOO As a 'pleasingly plump' woman (as my great aunt Eileen used to say) skinny chick romances don't send me over the edge. Unless I'm PMSing & gobbling everything in sight- then I'm very righteous & angry. "Where the hell are the regular Jane women? Fewer & fewer women are smaller than size ten- which has been enlarged slowly but surely." Etc, etc etc. You get my point.

Scroll through the comments on both posts. There are some excellent thoughts running around out there. Personally, I tend to assume the heroines are all reasonably thin because they're often young & childless (twenty five or younger, usually). Maybe I don't notice weight very often because I'm more concerned with other plot & characterization issues.

It's too bad in our size obssessed & youth obssessed culture we are separating ourselves into narrower & narrower categories. Slice a pie into too many pieces & it isn't recognizable as a pie anymore. Maybe size obsession is a product of our lack of self esteem. A product of women pulling ouselves & each other down at all times & in all places. Maybe I'm just another stupid, no account white woman (read this one). I don't know. Probably.

Perhaps this is simply a cry against the all too common stereotypes plaguing Romancelandia. Remember the one where the hero can span the heroines waist with his hands? How realistic was that, for God's sake?!

Whatever. Sorry this is completely clueless & rambling & whatnot.

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Tara Marie said...

From one "'pleasingly plump' woman" to another, I don't worry to much about what others think. I'm not a "huge" *g* fan of EC but I may have to look for the rubanesque line. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing normal sized heroines, I just don't want to hear them whining about being fat.

I live in clueless land--I had no idea that the stereotypical white woman is a flake. Gee, I'm praying I'm not "stereotypical."

Bookwormom said...

LOL :P One of the reasons I like Monica Jackson's blog is that she says what she thinks & is completely unapologetic. Not that I agree with everything she says.

I heard an interview of two of the participants on the tv show she discussed & I have to agree with her- the white folks were totally clueless. It was pathetic. Then again, it wouldn't be good tv if they didn't try & up the ante somehow.