Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mom & Daughter Time

Daughter & I went into DC (linking to this photo doesn't imply agreement with his views or proposals, BTW) to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. This is always one of my favorite times to go into town- nice & cool, not overly crowded (yet), beautiful.

The kimonos on display were absolutely magnificent.There aren't any photos online of the ones we saw, so the links are to similar items. Unfotunately we missed the swordsmanship expo- Metro was late *BOO HISS*. We did sit through some agonizing god awful speeches. Well, actually, the Japanese ambassador was funny, but he's the exception. We did listen to this guy and an amazing flutist whose photo & music I can't find online either. It's too bad really, I'd buy her stuff in a second if I could find it.

If you're in the area or thinking of coming into the area, April 8 is the parade & the street festival. Gonna be great.


Tara Marie said...

My husband and I were just saying we needed to back to DC for another vacation. We were there a couple of years before Junior was born and haunted the museums and monuments for hours at a time.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- If you ever do come down, let me know & we could meet for lunch or something! Visit the enormous Borders downtown..