Monday, March 06, 2006

Greedy shopper

Latest bookstore treasures:

1.Goddess of the Rose by P.C. Cast

2. The Saint by Melanie Jackson

3. The Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones

4. The Waterlord by Dawn Thompson

5. Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

#1 has been on the list for a while, but was (oddly) hard to find. #2 is an autobuy. On her site his eyes look weirdly photoshopped, 'blank' eyes, but on the cover they are pale blue. #3 was an impulse. I saw it out on the new release shelf. I don't often buy witch or wiccan theme romances, but somehow this one made it home. I think I had her confused with a well known YA & fantasy author with a similar name. #4 I'd been waiting for. Water being one of my favorite elements. And of course the second J.R. Ward book.

Fun times ahead this week!


Nicole said...

If you don't have the other two books in the series that the Star Witch is in, I'd get them. The trilogy is very tight and it requires you to read the books in order to make any sense. I liked it alot though.

Bookwormom said...

Hmmm..I'm unsure I really want to invest in three of these since this author is totally unknown to me. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.