Wednesday, March 08, 2006

0 to cancer in 60 seconds

I heard the answering machine pick up while I showered. I wrapped myself in my robe & pressed the button (hoping I'd won the lottery) & the message is, "Please call ___ Radiology as soon as possible this morning & ask for the 'A Team'."

Needless to say my heartbeat is suddenly waaaaaaaaayyyyy higher than normal. *O.M.G. What now? Please God I'm too young. If Jenster can do it so can I damn it!* ROTFL Notice how I go straight from normal & perfectly healthy to dying of cancer in two seconds flat.

I called the 'A Team' (do these people not remember the 80's?!). The very nice Carribean lady, her voice instantly transported me to a beach, complete with coconut oil & margaritas, tells me the film of my right side has technical problems. I need to go back again & be resquished ASAP. So I'm scheduled for Tuesday afternoon 1pm. Anne E, I'll be sure to ask for a pad this time, thanks for the tip.

My heartbeat is normal now. Barely.


Tara Marie said...

Why wouldn't they tell you they had a technical problem in the message, instead of scaring the hell out of you?

Good luck with the "resquishing"--resquish, I like that word.

jenster said...

YIKES!!! I agree with Tara. Why didn't they just say so on the answering machine? I swear, some of these "health professionals" are as dull as a butter knife!


Anne E. said...

Let us know and what a thing to hear on the answering machine! They are so afraid of privacy issues these days that I tell them I have secure voice mail on my phone at home, so give me the information. They still don't.

ReneeW said...

That has happened to me twice! The new privacy laws are causing this. They won't leave messages anymore not even to tell you good news. Also, I played phone tag all day with some person in the dr.'s office about the results of having a mole removed. It was benign for pete's sake!

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for the cheerful thoughts & indignation ladies. :)

I didn't think about the HIPA (or however you spell that) laws, but jeez- talk about scare a woman to death!

I'll post Tuesday when I return home.