Friday, March 10, 2006

Forecast- Gardening & Cleaning

With temps nearly eighty today, abundant sunshine & lotsa breezes I foresee very little reading happening this weekend. My little flower beds are calling me. Pruning, raking, edging, planning...

Spring cleaning the kitchen this weekend too. Scrubbing, washing, ironing, thrift store weeding of cabinets.

Too, Husband has been home sick yesterday & today. Nothing serious, but he has been unusually tired. Laryngitis, congestion. The usual. In years past he'd've worked through it, but this time he wanted to bunker down at home & rest. With the result that he fusses at me for rushing around too much- can't I just curl up & read beside him while he dozes? And eat the huge coffee roll he bought me? And why am I so anxious? Never mind my sudden onset of spring cleaning fever & how I hate to leave something half finished. Maybe if I sit here in front of the computer long enough, the urge to clean will pass?

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