Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thursday Thirteen, a bit late. The first thirteen thoughts, unplanned & unedited:

1. Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream in the freezer.

2. I love college basketball, but March is always really looong

3. I'm glad Frank, my former work buddy, is still in the area. We'd lost touch for a long time & I was worried he'd moved.

4. I'm always too hot or too cold & I'm too young for such hormonal yoyoing, damnit!

5. I've started job hunting, but after being out of the market for so long I'm afraid it'll be a while before I'm employed again.

6. Husband's favorite outfits are soo gross- they've got to go. SOON.

7. I was given a huge bouquet of flowers this morning as a thank you gift for some of the charity work our church does- they're gorgeous.

8. I really want to take daughter up to the National Gallery of Art to see the Cezanne watercolors before they leave (which is 7 May)

9. Newest books purchased: Dark Demon by Christine Feehan and Working for the Devil by Lillith SaintCrow

10. Purged my TBR bookcase a little bit a few days ago. Not enough that it's all upright, but better than it was. OK?!

11. Son #2 has done well at his piano lessons. After one year, he's on his third set of primers & soon will begin practicing duets with his teacher.

12. Son #1 is planning for the Junior prom with his steady GF- whose name at our house is either Giggles or Glitter Gloss. Guess why. Nice girl, I like her; don't get me wrong.

13. Husband is gathering paperwork to support his claim that he needs a reevaluation of his pay grade based on duties performed & the fact that others with less training & education are in higher pay grades. Of course, this is the Federal gov't we're talking about, so it'll be a long uphill climb. We'll see. I'm not convinced it'll work. I believe he's correct & he ought to be bumped up at least one pay grade, but I'm not spending it yet.

Disjointed & rambling, but there they are.

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