Monday, March 27, 2006

Review: Silver's Edge

After a difficult, impossible, exhausting four days, I unhooked the phone, brought out the laundry & dug out the book I had been lugging around- fruitlessly. Too distracted, too..everything. Couldn't concentrate.

Today, however, it worked. Engrossing. Good world & character building. Just complicated enough to prevent me from seeing the end clearly. Compelling enough that I'm grateful I already have book two, Silver's Bane.

Nessa's father disappears the morning a dead goblin is found in the lake beside the village. In the Faery realm, the magic is weakening & there are circles within circles within a conundrum. In the human Shadowlands there are political machinations whose ripples spread outward farther & wider than any realize.

Nessa's hunt for her father effects Artimour, whose own father was a human smith. The artifact that the Fae depended on may not have been such a good thing after all. The humans' political issues manage to become more complicated. Two couples move, slowly, slooooowwwwly toward deepening relationships. Parenting is revealed in all of its painful, complicated glory.

So, YAY 'cuz I have book two even as I type. Boo 'cuz I can't find a website for Anne Kelleher. I did find a message thread HERE which indicates that her next book is out in September & is a prequel. Not sure I'll go for that since prequels don't always work for me, but we'll see.

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