Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AAR 2005 Poll Results

The AAR 2005 poll results are up. I've only read a few, which is a purposeful tactic on my part. I try very hard to avoid the hype associated with many titles & to accomplish this I often hold books for nine months or a year before I read them. I look at it as my attempt (poor though it is) to base each book on its own merits & not the buzz. On the other hand, it could be said I'm not independant enough to read them while they're new & still be unbiased. Whichever.

Of the titles and authors mentioned I only have: Anne Gracie, Karen Ranney, Lisa Valdez & Lydia Joyce. Never read any of the others, except Gabaldon who lost me two books ago & Brockmann who I dropped just before Sam & Alyssa's book. I rarely read contemporaries or categories or anthologies (unless they're paranormal or Anne Stuart novels), so none of those authors or titles mean anything to me.

The one thing I get out of this poll is that I really need to add Loretta Chase to the glom list. That & the fact that, if I judge my taste by the list, either I'm the odd woman out or I dance to my own drum or I don't know what I've missed. Some sort of cliche like that anyway.

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