Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bookish thoughts

I've blogged since March 2005. I've posted my thoughts about the books I read since I started. Lately, the majority of my posts are book reviews. Just a few weeks ago I reorganized my archives so they're now accessible by sub genre, although I'm not a librarian so the designations are probably arbitrary by others' standards. They make sense to me, though, so unless you can make a good case for moving something..

Primarily I read for characterization and plot, whether or not something felt right, hung together, and the like. I'm not inclined to dissect themes or to compare and contrast two authors or titles. I try to take each book as it comes to me. I'm most interested in honestly writing about books I read, and I will write what I think good and bad. I have my pet peeves: dialect written out, names, books set in Virginia or New Hampshire, etc. as do we all. I do not grade my books. As far as I'm concerned, readers should be able to make up their mind on their own without my sticking a 'grade' on a book. All of my books are traded or otherwise donated unless I specifically say I've kept it. And even then I've been known to go back through my keeper shelves and trade some of them.

Until three weeks ago, each book I've blogged about has been purchased or borrowed by me. As of today I've only ever received two books to write about from a publisher, both after the release date. I was honest about each book, and did not sugarcoat what I thought simply because someone mailed me a couple of books. That being said: I'm not interested in slamming authors. Writing is a difficult, time consuming labor of love. Authors do the best they can and then they send their babies out into the world to be enjoyed by others.

My contact information's at the bottom of the bar on the left as well as at the bottom of this post. If you find a factual error somewhere or if a link is wrong or broken please email me. Leave me a note in the comments, although I'm not always able to respond quickly to those. I'm willing to read and review books for people if anyone else out there is interested in sending me books. I promise to be honest and forthright and prompt if you give me enough lead time. Deadlines need to discussed several weeks in advance.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the dialect as being a 'pet peeve' but I have another which, for me, causes major angst, that is switching between era's, especially when done with no warning. I spend my whole time flicking back through chapters 'revising' on names, connections etc. Turns a relaxing read into a memory exercise.

Bookwormom said...

Hi Midwifemuse! Thanks for stopping by. I don't think I've recently read a book that switches eras without notice. I think I'd be annoyed & puzzled too, TBH. How's your son & DIL? And the grandbabies?

Anonymous said...

Son is very poorly, DIL is fit to burst and grandbabies are just that - grand.

annie kelleher said...

dialect is one of my biggies, FER SHURE!!!!! :)