Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday 13# - Book title story

Thirteen Things about Bookwormom

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I found this meme over on Galley Cat, the book industry blog. The idea is to take book titles and arrange them in story format. For today's purposes, ie: Thursday 13, I used thirteen books to make a story. All titles taken out of my TBR bookcase. Each underlined section is a different title.

The perfect kiss beguiled a gentleman by any other name to distraction. Heaven forbids her secret fantasy of one night of sin and magic at midnight, but she dreams anyway. Once a bride she cherished the madcap marriage that gave them shimmering spendor and a perfect love.

Authors listed in the same order as in the story above:

1. Anne Gracie

2. Alice Borchardt

3. Kasey Michaels

4. Stephanie Laurens

5. Karen Ranney

6. Galen Foley

7. Galen Foley

8. Sandra Heath

9. Shari Anton

10. Elizabeth Thornton

11. Allson Lane

12. Roberta Gellis

13. Karen Ranney

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