Monday, October 06, 2008

Atlantis Rising; Alyssa Day

The Warriors of Poseidon series by Alyssa Day (aka Alesia Holliday) begins with this book, which was put out in March 2007 by Berkley. They're paranormal action adventure romances featuring Atlanteans. They remind me of Melanie Jackson's Wildside series, although these are harder edged with more explicit sex and violence. The ones I have are on the shorter side, 284 pages each versus 370+ pages each for the books I usually read. The next book is due to be released in June of 2009, which is about nine months or so later than originally scheduled due to Ms. Day's serious illness.

The plot should be familiar to those who read paranormal romances: psychically gifted heroine meets supernaturally gifted hero, who may or may not be quite human. The sexual sparks fly, they have a few encounters with the requisite baddies, one or the other of them must sacrifice something before they can be together. In this instance the world Ms. Day has built is a unique alternate reality world where the things that go bump in the night are real and are infiltrating the government for their own nefarious purposes. Not alot of angst, the heroine stands on her own two feet and makes her own decisions much of the time. The overarching plot has the potential to carry the seies quite a while should the author and publisher decide to do so. I certainly hope so.

This was a quick enjoyable read with fast pacing and a world sufficiently different from ours that I was able to suspend reality, despite the fact that they're set in Virginia Beach VA , one of our old stomping grounds while we were in college. Oh so many years ago. :) I find that I've kept the second one in my TBR while I'm waiting for the newest one. Why? It's a treat I want to save for a day when I really need a book I know will be a good, enjoyable read.

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