Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Update

West Arlington Covered Bridge

College Student~ Perking along, apparently. Came home twice in September for brief visits. All five of us spent this past weekend in a rustic little cabin (a camp as they say in New England) in a nearby national park with Busy Bee our little niece and my ILs. CS is returning this coming week for his fall break. One of his classes is being taught via what used to be called closed circuit, except it's now on the computer. One of his professors had back surgery and must recuperate at home, so the kids report to a small auditorium and he teaches them from home. Kinda cool, huh?

Anime Queen~ Is now in the 'heavy duty' part of the specialty program she's in. Thank goodness all of last spring's schedule requests went through, so she's taking a regular math class and an easier science instead of physics and advanced chemistry. Math is her weakest subject area, and the program itself is hard enough without stacking the deck against her. She's working a day or two a week at Golden Arches to keep herself trinkets and cell/text money. We've made sure she can go to football games or to the movies on Fridays and she comes to church on Sundays, though. All work and no play makes AQ a stressed young woman. That part of life can wait a few more years. She's a busy girl.

Pianist~ Continues the family tradition of sarcasm, being observant and likewise unable to keep his mouth shut. The result of which being phone calls, "Do you know your son has quite a mouth on him?" Why no actually. I'm just his mother, I don't know a damn thing about him, except that if you don't keep him mentally challenged he'll cause you no end of trouble. Poor child, he's bored to death despite being in the same program as Anime Queen. It's supposed to be one of the best academic programs available to public school kids in our area. One of a very few for middle schoolers as well as high schoolers. Pianist is bored though. And boredom leads to mischief. We shall see how the year progresses. He's a loving and affectionate and attentive young man, and I'm very proud of him. But I'm equally afraid he'll be the death of me yet.

As for the Hubster and I? We're perking along too. He's settling into his new job pretty well. Thank heavens that his career field will have plenty of available jobs for the foreseeable future. Three parishoners at our church have been unemployed for nearly a year. Each is highly skilled in their individual fields, but so far neither has had any luck finding a new employer. I thank the good Lord daily for our tiny little home and Hubby's solid work schedule. Then I pray for all of those who are less fortunate than we are. With the recent Stock Market Crash, version 2.0 I think it may be a while longer before our friends are fully employed.

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