Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen favorite cds, in no particular order:

1. Heart of a Woman- Etta James

2. Classic Soul Ballads- Time Life

3. Joshua Tree- U2

4. Forty Licks- Rolling Stones

5. Christmas Mass- Tallis

6. Bossa Nova- Stan Getz

7. Voz- Cesaria Evora

8. Pure Ella- Ella Fitzgerald

9. The Magic of Satie- Jean Yves Thibaudet

10. Bach- David Russell

11.Joao voz e Violao- Joao Gilberto

12. Mendelssohn & Shostakovich- Hilary Hahn

13. Vince Guaraldi- Charlie Brown Christmas

Drop by Balls & Walnuts, he has a list up today as well. No food this week *big grin* The Wold According to Me also has a TT up here.


Lisa said...

Very cool list! Some are new to me, but a few from my collection are!

My 13 are up!

Master Enigma said...

Welcome to Thursday 13's! Charlie Brown Christmas? - Good for you for listing it. I like the music from all the Charlie Brown shows.

My 13 is up at

Anne E. said...

When I was in college back in the 60s, my roommate introduced me to Stan Getz. We played the records over and over, along with "Ring of Fire," which drove everyone in the dorm crazy.