Monday, January 08, 2007

2 Books

The Perfect Husband~

A traditional regency written by Jeanne Savery in 2001 and published by Zebra. This book worked for me primarily due to the matchmaking tiger. Let me back up. A young woman, terrified the gossips will discover her family's financial insolvency, traps a man in marriage. Not the man she hoped for either. He 'does his duty' and marries her and rescues her brother by buying him a commission in the military. However, he is naturally very angry and resentful of the flibbertigibbet he's been forced to marry. The young lady, eyes opened to helpful resources too late, resolves to be a proper wife and not complain and not push. The couple ends up falling in love with the helpful manipulations of a 'pet' tiger owned by friends.

A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

An anthology with stories by: Elizabeth Bevarly, Elaine Crawford, Maggie Benson Shayne and Marylyle Rogers, published in 1996 by St. Martin's. Not a success, I'm afraid. Only Maggie Benson Shayne's and Marylyle Rogers' stories worked for me- and then only with reservations. The Marylyle Rogers short story because I've read all of her other novels in this series & like them because of the fairytale qualities (as oppposed to the realism). The M.B. Shayne story because- well, we all want love to win in the end, don't we??


Tara Marie said...

The Perfect Husband sounds like a nice read I'll look for it at the UBS.

In general I'm not a fan of anthologies. So I'll probably pass on this one. For me Elizabeth Bevarly is unreadable, but I do miss Marylyle Rogers, a bunch of her old medievals grace my keeper shelf.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- I had fun with TPH, so if you find it try it. I agree about the anthology (& your EB comment)- better to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

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