Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

A tiring weekend. Glad it's a new week.

The other four drove down to see Niece #1 for her birthday & have pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's. After that, further south to see FIL. He's in the middle of the paperwork blizzard trying to get approved for hospice care. Husband, who has worked hospice in the past, says insurance companies can be difficult (surprise, surprise) about who & what is covered. Meanwhile, I was off to Arlington for various errands. Endured the heavier than usual traffic streaming towards DC, which I attributed to the demonstrations. Link to photo gallery. Which incidentally, one of Son #1's friends attended & returned to show off a cap full of buttons. After the gang returned we curled up together and channel hopped between the X Games & shows we DVR'd earlier in the week.


Son#2 sings in choir at the 'early service'- earlier than our usual service anyhow. Today is annual meeting day, when budgets are laid out & business that requires approval of the entire congregation happens. After much to-ing and fro-ing and seemingly endless attempts at amendments and motions and whatnot, democracy prevails. Our church has new leaders, new budget numbers and approval to seek financing for $1.2 million in repairs to various systems in our buildings. The most exciting of which will be a new, state of the art pipe organ & loft for the choirs and the organ. Then we have a short intermission, long enough to drive home, have a snack and a short snooze. Return to church for the annual chili cookoff. One of the most anticipated social events of the church year. Hotly contested with much ballot stuffing & attempts to vote early & often (Chicago Style). Each chili has a 'tip jar' in which tasters leave donations. The chili whose tip jar has the most cash is then voted 'People's Choice'. Our chili, made by Hubby & I, won- we had $2,400 in our jar!! All money, BTW, went into a fund which will help to pay expenses for the new organ. A mere drop in the ocean, but we tried. Returned home to watch some spectacular crashes in the X Games & went to bed.


So far, it has been blessedly quiet. All of the children are home. The school system having mercy upon the teachers so they can grade exams without the little darlings underfoot. Daughter and older Son are collaborating on a sexual harrassment display board Son must turn in Thursday. Younger son has watched Wallace & Gromit, practiced piano, played X Box & is currently reading Sir Thursday by Garth Nix. Laundry is swishing around & around. The radio is blaring. Older Son's application fee for teeny tiny college in Maine has been waived so he will doublecheck that his application & transcripts have been mailed. I have been maid of all work, cook, dishwasher & chauffeur so far- more roles to come I'm sure.


Jenster said...

Congrats on the chili!! Beans or no beans? Hot, mild, medium?? Just curious. :o)

CindyS said...

Congrats on the Chili - mine has to be very basic cause of the tummy. Ground beef, kidney beans, can of crush tomatoes and then some tomato juice so it's dunkable. I think I add brown sugar to the meat but can't remember. We used to throw in brown beans also but my stomach has decided it needs less of that kind of stuff.


Tara Marie said...


How about posting the recipe?? That's if it's not a secret.

Well, it's nice that your church is a working democracy, ours is more like a dictatorship or monarchy depending on the mood of the archdiocese.

Bookwormom said...

Hi ladies- The chili cookoff was really fun. All I did was make basic Texas red, which I learned while we lived in San Antonio.

Tara- Our church is mostly a democracy, but not completely.