Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24- 13 New Links

13 new links added to my roll on the sidebar. All of these people and places have been bookmarked on my 'puter for a while, but I've dragged along about putting them here. So- enjoy.

BTW- If you've posted a Thursday Thirteen leave a link in the comments & I'll link to you here.

1. Paperback Writer~ Great stuff about the writers' side of publishing.

2. Sara Donati/Rosina Lippi~Author site

3. My Cat Hates You~ Hilarious photos

4. Risky Regencies~Multiauthor blog

5. Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers~News and reviews

6. Flylady~ Need more time to surf & blog? Speed up & improve your housecleaning here.

7. Chocolate & Zucchini~ Fantabulous recipies from France

8. Holly~ Reader blog

9. Everyone Needs Therapy~ Family therapist offers great advice for those of who are stressed. And who isn't, these days??

10. My favorite source

11. Unusual Historicals~ Author blog

12. MeganomicsArticulate & funny blogger, via Sum of Me, who is the source of pupdates.

13. Green Man Review~ Review site

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