Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday 13 #23- Coming Soon

This week's Thursday 13 is a list of this year's new books I'm most eagerly awaiting. In no particlar order they are:

1. Fair Folk- Contains a short story by Patricia McKillip & Tanith Lee, among others. February

2.Belladonna- Anne Bishop. March

3.Ironside- Holly Black. May

4. Legacy- Lois McMaster Bujold. June

5.Ysabel- Guy Gavril Kay. February

6. Whitethorn Woods- Maeve Binchy. March

7. Scandalous Lovers- Robin Schone. February

8.In at the Death- David Wishart. March. This is a UK author, I don't know if this is a UK or US date.

9. Dancing with Demons-Peter Tremayne. March. Again, he published by both a UK and US house. I don't know which country (or both) this is for.

10. Harry Potter- J K Rowling

11.Ice Blue- Anne Stuart. April

12. Angelica- Arthur Phillips. May. Same comment as #8.

13.Beatrix Potter-Linda Lear. January

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