Tuesday, January 16, 2007

strange fruit

Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday is the background music to this short documentary about lynchings.

Not enough has been done to right the wrongs.

Warning: Graphic images


Bookwormom said...

Sorry, I got to the 'graphic pictures' part and although I know I'm an adult I also know what can make me throw up. I didn't know that lynchings were so public and vile. I always think of the old westerns where it was a bunch of cowboys stringing up one guy. Ugh. Oh shit, I decided to watch some and have to stop.

Sorry about the duplicate posts of this clip. You Tube & Blogger weren't cooperating, so I thought the clip wouldn't pop up. Needless to say- at 3:30 am I was asleep in bed.

I have duplicated both of CindyS' comments left on the other posts.

CindyS said...

Just wanted to drop back in and apologize if I offended anyone. I see images like this and I can't even begin to understand how a human can do something like this to another. I called Bob and I told him about this documentary and he asked why I tried to watch (he knows me well) and I said that we have to bear witness to our history. Even still, I can't comprehend this kind of hate.


Mailyn said...

Blogger ate my comment!!??!?!


Jenster said...

That was truly awful, but something I think most of us need to see. We know these things went on, but to actually see it. It was an outrage and we should all be terribly offended. It's so hard to comprehend that this is such recent history and there are still those with such ignorant attitudes.

I like what Morgan Freeman said in an interview I saw one time. Racism will always continue until we stop distinguishing between black people and white people and both races are equally guilty of this.

Thanks for sharing this, Amanda

Bookwormom said...

Hi Mailyn- I guess Blogger did eat your comment. I've not seen it.

Jenster- It was gruesome, but I really feel we need to remember that horrible acts aren't all that far in the past.