Sunday, December 31, 2006

3 Traditional Regencies

Drusilla's Downfall~

Written by one of my favorite TR authors, Emily Hendrickson, and published by Signet in 2003. Drusilla Herbert is the fifth of six children, fourth of five daughters. She has been employed as a companion by an old chum from her mother's school days. The lady's son Adrian Richmond, Marquess of Brentford decides Drusilla is an encroaching mushroom bent on bilking his mother out of money. So he attends a combination houseparty & birthday party intent on stopping the festivities and firing Drusilla. Needless to say, his mother and the eligible young miss next door have other plans.

One of the best scenes is one where Brentford wants to see Drusilla's hair down and contrives to push her on a swing higher and higher until her hair tumbles down around her like Rapunzel. He is then well able to offer his hairstyling assistance so Drusilla can get her hair pinned up again. The scene was well done and made Brentford's character that much more real to me. Keeper

Moonlight and Mischief~

Written by Rhonda Woodward and published by Signet in 2004. Mariah Thorncroft and her entire family has crashed a houseparty on the slightest of excuses. Nicholas Morely, Earl of Haverstone, has never bothered with silly young misses vastly preferring experienced, commitment free liasons with married women within his social set. Until Mariah manages to catch his attention, much to the chagrin of Haverstone's most recent paramour- who happens to be in attendance at this houseparty.

Mariah is tired of being the pawn in her parent's social climbing strategy, but cannot convince them to cease attampting to manipulate her. Haverstone is drawn to her, but isn't quite sure how to overcome his fearsome reputation. Mariah's parent's don't care since he has a title, but how to convince Mariah reformed rakes really do make the best husbands??

I had trouble ignoring this young lady's name as I completely detest the r&b singer with the same name, but my misgivings didn't amount to much once I delved deeply into Haverstone & Mariah's relationship. Keeper

The Last of the Winter Roses~

Written by Jeanne Savery and published by Zebra in 2004. Lady Ardith has managed to become an independant young woman running a breeding and training stable not too far from her childhood home. After a disatrous partial season, during which she was mercilessly teased and mocked for her height and gangly awkwardness Ardith has sworn off both men and London Society. St. John Worth, Marquis of Rohampton, has been a neighbor since Ardith's childhood. Ever since a horribly botched proposal St. John has patiently waited to regain Ardith's good graces. Finally! Five years later, Mother Nature gives St. John a second chance in the form of a vicious snowstorm which mires Ardith at St. John's for a few days.

I struggled with the female lead in this book. She was too emotionally armored, too mired in the past, too sharp. Her vulnerablity came too late for me to like her. However, I really really like St. John. He is thoughtful, considerate and patient with Ardith. He knows and loves her well despite the circumstances years ago. If ever there was a man who planned a careful campaign to win his ladylove this is it.

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