Friday, December 22, 2006

This N That

Husband has brought home homemade bulgogi. Absolutely my favorite stuff. A lady who works with him loves him to bits & knows we LOVE authentic Korean bulgogi. Also- potstickers and kimbap (Seaweed rolls). Anyhow, Ms. Shin makes us pounds of this stuff every year at Christmas, God love her. So we've all pigged out.

It's rained all day. It turns the traffic horrider (yes, that's my new word). Two fatal accidents in our area. SUV drivers are the worst. Them and the young ones who like to weave in and out at high speed in those teeny rigged out imports. Stupid fools.

Half our Christmas lights are out. Can't figure out what the problem is except that maybe the rain has gotten into the wiring. Dunno. They're the LED lights we bought last year, darn it. Naturally the older cheap ones are fine.

What else? Finished Kushiel's Scion last night. I'll post my thoughts tomorrow if I find the time.


Jenster said...

OMG, Amanda!! I just posted a new blog called "This and That"! lol Great minds and all that...

I've never heard of bulgogi, but it looks really yummy!!

We've had a ton of rain today, too. I really hope tomorrow isn't quite so wet. We're hoping to go to Lancaster with the in-laws.

Angry Woman said...

Mmmmmmmm kimbap and mandoo(potstickers)!!! You guys are so lucky!!!

I haven't had those in years. But then I haven't seen my Korean friend in more than 14 years. Her parents were the greatest cooks. Your post is making me want Korean food and there really isn't any good Korean food for several townships around me. I guess I'll have to make the trip into Flushing, NY for some.

Devonna said...

Amanda ~ I admit I'm jealous. I wish I knew Mrs. Shin :-) While I was growing up, there was a Vietnamese woman in town who made us homemade Kim Chee and Vietnames egg rolls.

The weather in your area sounds a lot like mind. It rained off and on all day yesterday, and when it wasn't raining it snowed. Lots of accidents and rollovers. And I agree, the folks with 4-wheel drive and the young drivers are the worst in this weather.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- Bulgogi is very good. I highly recommend it if you've an authentic restaurant nearby.

Angry Woman- I am lucky. Mrs. Shin is a treasure.

Devonna- Traffic woes are everywhere, unfortunately. :(