Friday, December 15, 2006

Rediscovering an old friend

After a minor crisis this morning, all's well that ends well- I suppose. I was three fourths finished with a red cotton flannel scrub top for the Husband to wear next week. I'd even found white faux fur trim to edges. All I had left were the sideseams and hemming the sleeves and the bottom. I was at sea for a little while trying to figure out how to attach the neckline plus add the fur. It didn't help that the illustration for the neckline was backwards. At least I thought so. I very nearly called my mother for help, but I couldn't think of a way to describe what my problems were, so I muddled through on my own.

Anyhow. Morning of day 2. Started off drowsy as I didn't sleep well & I had to drive the Son #2 up to school, all of which combined to a late start. Set my things up. Made fresh coffee. Sewing machine refused to cooperate. The top thread won't catch the bobbin thread. Took the little bits under the bobbin apart, coming across a loose spring. Blasted machine wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread no matter what. No luck finding repair how to's on the internet. Plenty of ads though. "Buy my book/video & learn all about sewing machine repair." Lovely. Like that'll help me NOW.

The result? I finished the top by hand. I've had a lovely day sewing the remainder under the brightest lamp in the house. It took me awhile to calm down out of the frantic, "OMG- I promised him I'd finish this top. What the hell am I gonna do?" As though hand sewing is beneath me. It's quite relaxing actually. Keeps my hands busy, which may just be helpful in reducing weight. After all, if your hands are busy you can't eat so much. At least that's what Sister says.

Don't offer to send me your mending. I've so many projecs I want to sew/cross stitch etc. I won't catch up for years.


Angry Woman said...

That's amazing that you were able to hand sew the rest of the top. I can barely sew a button on, lol. Call it weird but I can do cross stitching. I currently have about two to three projects in my crappy little plastic bag that are in varying degrees of doneness. The current project that I'm working on has been picked up and left off for over, um how shall we say, over four years in the making and still not finished. And I still buy cross stitch kits because for whatever reason at the moment in time I found the design appealing. The hubby has given up hope that I'll ever finish one, lol.


CindyS said...

I had a tantrum when my hubby asked me to sew a button on his pants. Wasn't about the sewing, it was about the fact that I couldn't find my little sewing kit! I was beyond mad at both of us for not being completely unpacked and what would have taken minutes took me an hour of 'up the stairs, down the stairs'. As to hand sewing I am horrible at it but I think I could do it if I took my time. As it was, I could barely thread the needle because our lighting is so bad! I've asked for lamps for Christmas so I haven't bought any. Yep, apparently I forgot about the darkness of winter when I told everyone about my need of lamps in the summer. Ah, well. Almost here.

Glad that you got his shirt done - you should take a picture! Also, the idea of handstitching is a great idea from keeping me from eating. *snort*


Bookwormom said...

Angry Woman- I grew up surrounded by female relatives who did all sorts of handicrafts. I suppose I just absorbed sewing and handicrafts as a natural thing to do.

Cindy- I have lighting problems too. I have a couple of favorite spots, but I feel like I'm gonna go blind somedays. The only thing I recommend is buying full spectrum lightbulbs. Helps with sewing and plants and the winter doldrums!

CindyS said...

I'm writing that down and putting it on the 'late buying list'! Thanks!