Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baaad, baad girl

Sorry about being AWOL yesterday. Husband has been home for two days due to back pain. Poor guy's been sleeping on the livingroom floor. Also- he sent the younger two kids up into the attic to fetch down the Christmas boxes. ALL of the Christmas boxes. Most of which I can't display because the house is simply too small. I have alot of stuff. And NO- I won't part with any of it. SO THERE. lol ;)

He made delicious cream of chicken soup & cornbread for dinner. After that I had to escape. I'm a bad wife, I know. I just couldn't take the stacks of boxes and paper and the kids were all fighting and..Aching back and all there he was, all alone, with all three of the kids, boxes piled up to the ceiling and his wife takes off. The Daughter set up my M&M Christmas village on the piano. As predicted, the piano is barely big enough to hold them. They found the pinecone wreath and put it on the door.

A little more decorating, plus the outdoor lights and they're pretty much done with the decorating. I've not bought cards, although we recieved one yesterday. Some shopping done but not much, really. I could wrap what we do have, I think. I hate to wrap at the last minute.

There's an interesting discussion at Smartbitches about LKH and her Anita Baker series (which I don't read). The outpouring of grief over Anita's changes and anger toward LKH's percieved authorial shortcomings is remarkable. Readers' love for and loyalty to the 'original' Anita kinda warms my heart. That so much affection can be held for a character still surprises me a little. Then again, many people love Jamie Frasier and would gladly kill off Claire to get to him, so...

Speaking of holidays, Marg & Kailana are putting together a Christmas tour. Participants can blog about any holiday oriented theme they like- recipes, memories, traditions, etc. Need not be Christmas specifically- any winter holiday you celebrate. I think they have two days left open. My day is the 20th.

Lovely Salome has started a new Yahoo group devoted to Unusual (read~not UK or Regency period set) Historicals. There are four surveys up too. Go check it out. I for one think Romancelandia needs more diversity in all ways- especially era, setting, etc.


Mailyn said...

Sory about the hubby. I have two herniated discs in my lower back that decide to act up at the worse possible moment. Oh and I blame Anita fans for Laurel's attitude. If they would all stop buying her books she'd get off her pedestal.

Marg said...

Thanks for blogging about the Advent tour! We are happy to have double ups on some days if lots more people wnat to participate.

CindyS said...

Overwhelmed by Christmas paraphenelia? There should be a name for that cause I have that one in spades!! Okay, more like I don't know how to decorate and putting lights up outdoors should be a man job. Yes, I have just single-handedly set the feminist movement on it's ear but I don't care! Ladders are scary and it's cold *pout*.

Hope your hubby is feeling better - I have only had my back hurt a few times from sleeping wrong and have managed to have a good cry over the pain so I don't know how people who have bad backs can take it. Bob has this but once he started riding a bike he stopped having problems. Not sure why.