Monday, December 04, 2006


Remember Daughter's little red claw crab WonTon? The one named after our favorite appetizer (crab wontons, of course!) at the Chinese place near Husband's workplace? The Escapee? Well, we found him. In the storeroom, behind the spare tire. Poor little thing, he was dessicated and crispy. We just buried him out in the garden in a deep little hole under what in the summer will be everblooming daylilies.

Now Daughter has two little freshwater Fiddler Crabs in a one gallon aquarium with a tight fitting lid. We've assembled a little crabby jungle gym using some old aquarium supplies inherited from my Sister- she with the fish loving Husband. A tall plant which they like to climb and sit in the top leaves. A PVC tube to hide in. Rocks to play king of the mountain and survey their domain. Daughter is happy to have new buddies, but we miss our Wonton. He was fun too.


CindyS said...

Awww, I'm sorry about Wonton. What are the two new comer names? I would love to see a pic of a crab jungle gym. Okay, maybe I don't. *shudder*


Mailyn said...

Poor little Wonton, that's just too sad that the poor little thing died like that. :-(

Sorry about the loss, I know some people don't think much of little critters but hey, when they are your pet you love them all the same. My friend had a mouse, all white and cute, and she was all broken up about it when it died.

Bookwormom said...

Hi Cindy- The new crabs names are Imperial and Cake. LOL Don't know why we're stuck on food names. :)

Mailyn- We hunted high and low for three days for the little guy. Crabs can live out of water for a while, but without food..well, hopes dimmed quickly.