Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yet another inmate at Bookwormom Central has attempted to escape. Daughter has a small red claw crab in a bowl in her room. Well. He's escaped. We've not found any remains & we've hunted under much of the furniture. He was here this morning beofre church & now he's AWOL.

Many of the other attempted escapes have been thwarted by me at two am while I am in the restroom. Preferred method of capture- rushing across Bookwormom's bare feet. Poor Daughter. I'm very afraid he'll get crunched before we see him. I've already promised to get her another in the event she can't find him, but I'd rather come back & report he's alive & well in his kingdom.

1 comment:

CindyS said...

Okay, I can't do anything without a cute little button nose and some fur ;) I hope you have found this little guy - I'm trying to pretend he's like an inch big.