Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ernesto Washout

Ernesto was a weakling in our area- light yet steady rain mildly complicated by gusty winds. Isabella a couple of years ago was no joke. Ernesto was irritating, but nothing else.

Friday night the whole gang hunkered in the house. I made stroganoff & we watched Silent Hill & had popcorn. Saturday morning & all was well other than a few good sized downed branches & leaves everywhere. The secondary road artery in our area had several traffic lights out due to fallen power lines. Let us say simply that the police & the dept. of transportation were less than effective in helping traffic through the aftereffects.

We are currently visiting the grandparents- one set has power but no phone the other set has phone but no power (later remedied after we arrived). So I thought I'd stop in quick & say hey to any of you regulars left who still stop by.

Thanks to Husband's parents we have been blessed with a child free night in a nearby hotel- a totally unexpected & therefore very welcome anniversary gift. Props to G'ma & G'pa! SO. Er. We're off to reenact the Honeymoon.

Happy Weekend to all!!!

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Jenster said...

LOL, Amanda! Honeymoon on. :o)