Saturday, September 23, 2006

Catch the Lightning; C. Asaro

SO- yeah. Another one. I'm glomming. Sue me. Young mestiza in LA in 1987 meets an alien space pilot & helps him steal his ship from the USAF (Air Force). They end up in space together, get sold as slaves together & get married. Great stuff.

The author has a unique world built around the premise that unknown aliens came to earth & kidnapped a bunch of Mayans. Those Mayans were then used to build a space faring empire. The languages & names are built on Mayan language stems.

The only issue I have with Asaro's series is that many of them have darker elements that can be uncomfortable. I think my problem is that I initially approached this author from a romance perspective & I dislike dark elements in my romances. I only object in romances though. After so many years, I've fallen into the Romancelandia convention: no violence (or at least much less than the bodice ripper era).

I think I'll adjust just fine though. I've even made serious efforts at understanding the physics explanations at the end of Quantum Rose, as well as the theory laden sections in each work. Unfortunately it seems I've allowed my brain cells to rot. Some of the theories & math are really tough. One of Asaro's short stories uses physics & math to represent music (a fugue encoded into a statue of a bird, playable only via computer) which I really want Son #1 & Son #2 to read - both play instruments & read music & Son #1 loves physics & math.

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