Sunday, September 03, 2006

Honeymoon's Over

Back to real life. A king sized bed is bliss (our room at home is just big enough for our queen). Plenty of room to sprawl, but the pillows were awful. Too few, too lumpy. An unending supply of luscious scalding hot water. Heat lamps in the bath.

I love to visit my in laws. My MIL is a great cook & loves to cook up a storm whenever the kids are in town. Yesterday was beef stew. Today was fried chicken & macaroni salad. Chocolate pie & ice cream.

Ok- a dose of humble pie. I'm using my FIL's 'puter & it has a clip-on gooseneck lamp on the shelf above. I clicked the knob several times, changed the bulb, checked the plug. No dice. Then MIL speaks up & says, "Try turning the knob the other way." I am such a genius I swear. Everything works fine now. *bows* Thank you very much.

All of our little kinfolk are cute as little buttons. The niece is busy as a bee & has a similar attention span. The two nephews keep Sister hopping. Nephew #1 is beginning Kindergarden Tuesday & has decided school isn't for him. Nephew #2 has learned to stand on his own for a few seconds. I foresee sibling rivalry rearing its head soon.

My own tribe resumes Tuesday. Just in time too. Summer is about a week or ten days too long some years. Son #1 is a senior. Daughter is a freshman. Son #2 is in 5th grade. Tentatively Husband & Son #1 plan to visit some campuses in New England in October. We'll see how the schedule falls. Last year Son #1 wanted to stay in state, so we didn't visit any campuses. Now that he's more open to fledging a little farther we're behind the curve.

I hope your weekend was relaxing. I hope you read lots & lots. I hope the books were worth your time.


Jenster said...

Don't feel bad, Amanda. Gooseneck lamps are very intricate and difficult to impliment. (Is that helping any?)

What will you do with yourself today? Chores? Or just reading?


CindyS said...

I will never again sleep in anything smaller than a king. In my first year of marriage I may have managed to sleep about 8 hrs. In total and no, it wasn't for a *good* reason.

I had never slept with anyone before and Bob would throw his arm over me and it felt like a ton and OMG he would just roll over so he would go from his side of the bed to my side in a second. One night he almost gave me a black eye!!

It was a month before our first anniversary when I decided the time had come to purchase a new bed. Bob went away on business and came home to a brand new king size bed with kickass linens.

He's loved the bed ever since because he doesn't get me waking him in the middle of the night and yelling about how he just about took my eye out!

Eleven years later I know I would be better because I got used to Bob snuggling me when I sleep (used to feel like a huge over heated heavy blanket whereas now I've learned to throw the covers off me to keep from overheating)

Okay, that was probably way more than you wanted to know. Especially since I was commenting to thank you for the laugh. The *bow* slayed me!


Bookwormom said...

You guys are hilarious! The Husband really wants a double so he won't have to chase me. HA As if.