Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tithe; Holly Black

Link above is to Ms. Black's website. Tithe was published by Simon & Schuster in 2002, currently available in both hardcover & paperback (young adult size- not mass market). Holly Black has written a sequel, titled Valiant, for which I'm on the library waitlist. Number three, so I've at least six weeks to wait. If I can. Ms. Black has also coauthored (with Tony DiTerlizzi) the Spiderwick Chronicles which is aimed at older elementary & middle school kids.

Kaye Fierch has followed her self indulgent & careless mother from pillar to post until they land at Kaye's grandmother's place in New Jersey. Kaye has supported herself & her mother as best she could since she was fourteen. Now that they're in Jersey G'ma wants Kaye in school & Kaye's mom is desperately hunting for another band who needs a lead singer. Kaye, always a loner, doesn't fit in at home or with her friends.

Rath Roiben __________ is sort of a good will hostage from the Seelie Faerie Court to the Unseelie Faery court. A good guy sold to the bad guys "in the interests of peace" or some such fribble. Essentially he is a pawn of the Unseelie Queen- literally unable to go against her directives. Emotionally & physically tormented until very few higher emotions (respect, compassion, kindness, etc) are left to him. I was going to say 'very little of his humanity' until I remembered. Roiben isn't human & therefore doesn't have 'human decency'. LOL Roiben strongly resonates as an Anne Stuart hero- tormented & dark & dangerous & can you be sure he's really a good guy? A fantastic plus on my book.

Anyhow. Kaye meets Roiben under less than ideal circumstances & he is in her debt. Rashly he promises answers to any three questions she asks & then disappears. Quickly, Roiben & Kaye are in a situation neither is comforatble with & yet they are forced to depend on each other. Kaye, is out of her league & Roiben grasps the chance the Goddess gives him- namely Kaye. Does he really care for her? How deep does the treachery go? Can they trust anyone? Each other?

This is classified as a young adult & thus there isn't much happening other than some hot kisses, drinking & typical stupid teenage "I'm gonna live forever" type behaviors. I did feel that some of the plot devices were contrived & not quite believable, but Ms. BLack totally sucked me into her world. Roiben can hide out at my house any day. I even have a few questions I'd like to ask. >;)

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