Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm two thirds of the way done with Fool for Love which is next in line in this series by Eloisa James. I also finished Irresistable Forces edited by Catherine Asaro. Both of which I'll discusss tomorrow, I'm currently in the library waiting for my boys to finish up some projects.

I FINALLY went for another walk. It has been two weeks, easily, since I last walked. It was cool & silent this morning. Only 62 & pearly grey. Quiet enough to hear the squirrels jump & play among the leaves.

I found a few books on the reader exchange tables- Lois McMaster Bujold, 1st in the Miles saga; Sharon Shinn, not the angel series; Catherine Asaro's Quantum Rose, which I've avoided due to the horrid cover (shallow of me I agree) &..a couple of others I can't remember right now. I love the exchange table- borrow a few & return whenever you're done. All on the honor system. Very easy on the budget & great for trying out new authors.


Jenster said...

I've never read Eloisa James, but I have Much Ado About You and Kiss Me Annabel sitting on my shelves. I'm going to like her, aren't I?

I went walking this morning, too. Probably not as far as you, though. But I love the cool, crisp mornings. It was in the low 50's when I went on my walk. Come on fall!!!


CindyS said...


*crash cart whirs into action*

Cindy slowly comes to.

Jen, you're killing me!! Boo fall, boo hiss!

I'm too afraid to go into a library. I'm pretty sure they have a picture of me as their most wanted. I've been so scared I haven't stepped foot in one in over 10 years! Do you think they keep records for that long? I'm worried about compound interest on my fines ;)

I'm also afraid of Eloisa James books but only because of the broohaha over the last one. I read the first Sharon Shinn book and realized I wasn't reading a romance book. Haven't bothered since then. I think I was even bored or upset with the heroine. I love angel and devil stories but this left me with nothing.


ag said...

Amanda, try Your Wicked ways after this. I had a great laugh altho' the hero is a scoundrel.

Bookwormom said...

Jen- Fall is the best time of year *hides from Cindy, laughing* I think you'd like these.

Cindy- I owe the library compound interest myself. I only escape due to lack of photos on library cards.

ag- I'm on my way to the store to hunt down some required books for the kids, plus a few more by Ms. James

Jenster said...

Cindy - Sorry to cause medical problems. lol But I'm tellin' ya, after two summers of chemically-induced hot flashes, the colder the better!!!

I haven't set foot in the library since I've moved. They knew me by name at the old one. I'm just not up to that relationship, yet. :o)