Thursday, September 21, 2006

Family News

Too tired to talk about the book I just finished or the short stories I read. They'll have to wait until this weekend. Thursdays are gonna be killers, I can tell. I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in ages either.

Son #1 & Husband are planning an October long weekend trip to New England to look at a couple of small colleges. Son #1 is a senior this year. I can't believe it. He just got his proofs done. I can't believe this is the same tiny bundle we brought home at one am. The one who loved to pull books off of every shelf he could reach. Ah me. Son #1 is loving AP Chemistry. They finished their first lab & he was thrilled. Something about copper atoms in a solution with water & hanging a spiral rod in it & the copper atoms cling, making the spiral rod 'furry.'

Daughter is showing her mother's math inabilities already. Geometry this year. Husband says her problem isn't lack of ability, but the fact that she's already decided she can't do it. Likely he 's correct. Daughter continues to be unnerved by the pregnant girls in school & the nursery. I told her they were regular girls who made bad choices & that Daughter would be fine as long as she doesn't make the same mistakes in judgement. I also reminded her that it's impossible to 'catch' sperm using the water fountain or playing basketball in gym (which she's very good at, BTW).

Son #2 is breezing right along. His express bus ride (he's out of boundary & rides a bus with fewer stops & less children) is roughly 40-45 minutes. Long enough, but shorter than Daughter's ride last year. His teacher is a beanpole from New Zealand, here with VIF I think. Visiting International Faculty company or some such. Used to be a middle school principal. Very nice man. He's made a positive impression on Son #2. Other than that he continues piano lessons, he's working on his fourth & final set of primers. It'll be 'real music' after that. Son is also singing with the formal choir at church. The Schola Cantorum. They love him- which he sucks up like a sponge. Rotten kid.

Husband. Well what can you say about Husband? He's a workaholic, same as always. The Powers that Be continue to pile on teaching duties. He teaches the sibling class, daddy class, Ms to Mom (teenagers) & childbirth classes, plus conducts the OB tours. Those are extra. His regular job is running the antepartum clinic (still preggers but need extra watching) & helping the other nurses by taking their patients so they can surf & play games on the internet.

That's the update. I'm same as always. Homemaker- sits on an office chair all day, eating bon bons & gossiping. Fat & sassy as usual.


Jenster said...

Wow. Looking at colleges. Where does the time go? I look forward to and dread that all at the same time.

I just love your kids. They seem so well grounded and nice. Any parenting tips you'd like to pass my way??

Homemaker- sits on an office chair all day, eating bon bons & gossiping. Fat & sassy as usual.

LOL!!! Boy, can I relate!! Especially the fat and sassy part!

Have a great weekend.


Bookwormom said...

Jen- Thanks for the nice words about the kids. I like them too.

As to parenting advice? I've no idea. My failings are: being authoritan & sarcastic & sharp.

Pluses? School comes first. Above everything else. If your grades are good (& I check online once a week), it'll get you some freedom. Follow up on them. Double check what they tell you. If they have other responsabilities (job, church, family, charities, etc), make sure they live up to expectations.

They each have one activity other than school. Originally this was due to my being the only driver, but has had the side effect of allowing them time to be. Free time. Unstructured. Unheard of in adulthood.

We spend most of our time doing things as a group. We like each other & enjoy being together. Which I never tought was unusual, but according to Husband's work buddies it is odd.