Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Katrina, Gardening & Refereeing

Still reading Byzantium. Still praying for some rain. Yesterday was the first anniversary of Katrina. Time has flown by & yet watching the reports it seems time has stood still for people living in the Gulf region. Thinking I might look into taking the master gardener classes offered by the coop. Depends where the classes are though. Some of their 'teaching gardens' are an hour or more away. In a monastery garden, though- that might be worthwhile. I doubt it. I'm already on the road quite a bit. In the opposite direction.

Kids hoping to visit the relatives, but Mother Nature may conspire against us in the form of heavy rains over the weekend. School begins Tuesday next. HOORAY for me. Kids aren't as thrilled, but are starting to be bored at home. Bored & yet unwilling to lift a finger around the house unless sharply prodded. They are picking fights among themselves more often- a sure sign mom isn't giving them enough to do.

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Jenster said...

Have you settled your plans for the weekend yet? I just canceled our camping reservations. Very sad about it. But hopefully will get some good reading time anyway. And we'll probably go see "Invincible" as well.

So which LCH book did you pick up?