Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cooling off at last

Managed a 5 mile walk in the park today. Even Son #2 made it the whole way- no whining either. Miraculous. He did have a whistle which he insisted on blowing. Fortunately, he managed a rhythm which somehow made it a bit more bearable. I had to confiscate it at the end though. It was just too much. Daughter made it too (despite being a slacker at G'ma's) although the last mile she slowed down quite a lot.

The AC was replaced yesterday (FINALLY). Discovered the owners contracted to have all the ACs replaced a few years ago. Regardless of apartment size, everyone got the same size/output unit. Lovely. Now the tenants in little apartments are freezing all summer & those of us in the larger ones slowly roast to death. All in the name of a few dollars savings. How thoughtful of them.

Still reading Inkspell by Funke. Great book. Want the sequel. Found Daughter a young adult horror romance that got rave reviews from everyone (PW, Locus, Amazon hot list,etc) last year. Stupidly, I bought it for her despite the fact that she has a huge English project due first day of class. Now she's busy reading her vampires. Ok, ok. It's all my fault I know. Sue me. She's a good student. She'll do fine. Right?


CindyS said...

They gave her an assignment for the summer!? That's criminal! Summer is supposed to be stress free.

5 miles? My legs hurt just thinking about it ;)


jenster said...

Dang!!! I'm impressed!!! I'd like to think I walked about 5 miles on the boardwalk in Jersey yesterday, but I think that would be stretching it greatly.


alibug said...

Gotta wedding in the adirondacks in October. I can't wait!

Bookwormom said...

CindyS- Daughter was thrilled with the summer assignment, I assure you.

Jen- I bet the scenery captured your attention! Does the Jersey boardwalk even last 5 miles?

Alibug- I remember the wedding- it'll be beautiful out there that's for sure.