Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life Happens

So. Kinda busy around here. Posting may be intermittent, but I'll post as often as posssible. Lots of things to rant about: AC, landlord-teneant relations (or lack thereof), weather, weight. Just generally grouchy. Not feeling well.

I've spent the last two days sewing. I'm making a padded headboard & footboard for my bed. Finished a scrub top & surgery cap for Husband (Beetle Bailey). I tend to clean when frustrated- I've vaccuumed under all of the beds & started scrubbing walls. What else have we been up to?

Want to go see the Venetian Renaissance exhibit soon. It's in the National Gallery, but leaves Labor Day weekend. Want to go to the Zoo. Daughter says to mention she has returned from two & a half weeks at the Grandparents' place. Next ten days or so are for Son #2.

Nephew #2 is scooching along pretty handily now. Nephew #1 is getting ready for his first year of school & is growing like a a weed. Grandma & Sister have lost weight since I saw them last (last month I think). BIL had great advice for keeping our new aquariums healthy.

Anyhow, as I said, posting is likely to be intermittent but I'll be here as much as possible. Hope you're all reading!


Tara Marie said...

I tend to clean when frustrated...

I do my best cleaning when I'm really angry. A good fight with my husband is enough to get me to completely scrub the kitchen, floor to ceiling.

Junior starts school full time 9/6 I figure I'll pull the house completely apart clean like a fiend for a week or two.

Jenster said...

I used to clean when angry and lose weight when I was sad. Judging by the looks of my house and my body, I'm one happy camper!!

Tara - when my youngest started kindergarten I lost 30 pounds and my house was spotless. Now I rejoice when school starts and I'll probably put on another 5 pounds in September. :o)

Tara Marie said...

Jen--you're too funny.

CindyS said...

Huh, cleaning when frustrated and here I was just mumbling furiously under my breath for hours. You and Tara Marie might want to consider that the DHs are making you mad on purpose ;)

I haven't been reading much and blog hopping even less. I seem to be in a funk and TV is the only thing that's keeping my mind occupied. Weird.


Bookwormom said...

Tara, Jen & CindyS- Generally, I enjoy cleaning, but it is also my activity of choice when frustrated by events beyond my control. I suppose it's better than eating or smoking, but the kids hide from me when I'm in a cleaning mood- I make them help me. HAHAHA

Evil mom strikes again.