Friday, August 25, 2006

Aging, Parenting & other joyfulness

Getting older. Definitely feeling my age this weekend. Daughter's HS Open House for Freshies is tomorrow afternoon. Starting in Sept. I'll have two HSers. I don't feel older. Not really. Mom says it's because we had them when we ourselves were babies & I suppose that's true to an extent. If it's possible I worry about them more as they grow older- likely because they're able to start more mischief! LOL Not my angels. They're wonderful. Honest.

I guess I ought to count my lucky stars- I'm not grey haired or wrinkly (yet). I am sort of computer literate & love my little technology laden devices so I'm not a dinosaur (despite what the kids may tell you). I am finiky about my music- & that's getting worse. Then again- Fall Out Boy & Justin Timberlake aren't music at all by anyone's standards. So there. I do like Shakira & Green Day & the Peppers & the Crazy Frog Chorus & the Gorillaz though. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

I got middle age spread early due to chronic laziness & love of food. I'm trying to remedy that. I've already decided my middle age crisis/last child is in high school car will be a convertible Mini Cooper S with the performance package. Then I'll paint it pink so the males in my family won't drive it. Except Son #1 who says he'll drive it no matter what color it is. HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Weekend to All!


Jenster said...

Hey Amanda -

I just have to say, you do have wonderful kids. It's obvious in the things you say about them. The fact that they go hiking with you, etc., and actually like it is great!

As for that middle age spread, well, yeah. Um. Whatever. (lol)


Tara Marie said...

A pink Mini Cooper sounds very cool, not a mid-life crisis car at all.

I'll be 51 when my son starts high school, I'm planning to hold off my mid-life crisis until then.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- Just don't tell the kids they're actually nice people, lol.

Tara- You don't think so? I'll have to tell Husband...