Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Spiders' Lunch

Hiked yesterday in Spiderland. It was the lunchtime too- struggling flies & bees frantic to escape. Poor unsuspecting hikers who can't see you until its too late. Strands of spidersilk in your mouth, your hair, across your fingers. Crawly stripy penny sized little buggers crawling up & down my legs. Have I mentioned how much I hate spiders? Especially when they're on my person? My heart rate soared for ages after that walk, let me tell you!

Quite toasty here at Bookwormom Central. The weatherguys are constantly whining about the - temperature & humidity combined. To be honest with you, it doesn't seem hotter than your average summer. Then again, I have been hiking & running outside in the park for the last two months. Perhaps I have acclimated to the temperatures. Supposedly the will last until Friday, at least locally. Who knows? How hot has it been where you live?

Started Anne Stuart's Black Ice last night. A little late for AngieW's Challenge, I know. Black Ice is one of the very, very few novels I've read. So far, Ms. Stuart manages to captivate me in a subgenre I often toss into my DNF pile. It's quite good although I find the heroine a little ..I don't know. Something about her niggles. I'm hopeful it'll jolt me out of the reading doldrums. Cross your fingers for me.

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