Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I managed to read four hundred pages in Byzantium yesterday. When Lawhead really picks up the pace, he means it. I preordered the new Feehan & the new Ward at 40% off thanks to Amazon. I can't wait! I'm so hopeful that Feehan has continued the positive trend. I hate to think the Carpathians have a fatal weakness for whiny, flawed, tortured women. 'Cuz honestly? I have had serious issues with several of the last heroines in the Dark series.

Anyhow. Poor Daughter has new prescription meds for her face. She doesn't have a serious acne problem, but her skin just doesn't respond to any of the available over the counter stuff. Unfortunately I'll have to call the insurance company to see which payment schedule they're on. The dr. says they're expensive. Daughter needs her meds though- every woman deserves a clear face. Including me. HAHA

I hope the weather is nice this weekend. Husband's relatives want us to go boating with them.

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Jenster said...

Boating sounds fun. We're going camping (in our 30 foot RV complete with bathroom and comfy beds) in the Poconos, so we're hoping for nice weather as well.

And yes. Every woman deserves good skin!!