Monday, August 14, 2006

Inkheart; C. Funke

I started reading Inkheart by German author Cornelia Funke (Thief Lord). Her young adult titles are apparently quite well known in Europe, this is her second novel available here. Son #2 loved Thief Lord so much I need to replace it- he's worn the glue off of the binding & lost the dustjacket. Anyhow, this is book one in a planned trilogy. Inkspell is the second. The third is being written as I type this (faster, Cornelia- FASTER!) as yet untitled. Tentative publishing date is 2008. Ms. Funke's next title available here is When Santa Fell to Earth, October 2006.

This one is pretty thick, page wise. Not a doorstopper, but big enough by children's literature standards. Mortimer Folchart & his daughter Meggie are itinerant book binders & antique book restorers/collectors. Mo, as Meggie calls him, receives a mysterious visitor in the night & immediately sends her off to bed. Next morning Mo packs Meggie & his work tools up into their dilapidated camper van & tries to drive off with her. Unfortunatley the mysterious visitor from the night before awaits them at the gate & blackmails Mo into bringing him along too. They drive all day across the countryside (Europe I presume, as Ms. Funke is German) to a relative's house. Said relative is singularly cold, unwelcoming & rude, but does allow them into the mansion- which is lined floor to ceiling with huge bookcases full of her collection. Meggie is warned that she may read only items out of the cases near the downstars front door as long as she doesn't crease or stain them & puts them away ASAP. Lovely woman, this relative.

That's as far as I've gotten. Chapter 5. Excellently done thus far. If This title holds up to Thief Lord, there will be twists & turns right up until the end.

Happy Reading, kiddos!!


jenster said...

I read "Inkheart" a couple of years ago. We have "Inkspell", though for some reason I haven't read it yet. I did enjoy the first.

"Dragon Rider" is yet another Funke book that's supposed to be quite good. We have it as well, but again I haven't read it.

Bookwormom said...

Jen- We have DR too, but it sits in Daughter's case patiently waiting its turn. She wants book two plus the Santa book & the Christopher Paolini books (the Eragon group). Not greedy, my child. LOL At least she gets it from me.

jenster said...

We, too, have the Paolini books. I haven't read them yet. I'm waiting for #3 so I can have an Eragon-fest. DS and DH have read them, though, and think they're wonderful.