Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend plans

The weekend is upon us. Tomorrow we're schlepping up to a buddy's condo then onward to the Renaissance exhibit at the N'tl Gallery. I discovered it travels from here to Europe, so no dilly dallying this time out. There's some kind of VA history fair going on a few miles south of us- we may attend. Then again maybe not. It's free though & that's always a plus.

Husband made me promise I'd go for a long run with him this weekend (usually he means 7+ miles). Truthfully- he jogs & I alternate between walking & whining. Last time we did one he practically pulled me the last two miles. Then again he saved the hills for last- as opposed to doing them first. Always get the yucky part over with first- that's my motto.

Daughter keeps looking at me all round eyed over the top of her vampire book- "WOW MOM!! This is really great!! You'll love this book!!" Yes, she really does speak with that many exlamation points. She says it ensures I'm awake & paying attention. LOL

Son #2 has discovered Garth Nix (the Australian children's author of Nix & Sabriel, et al.) He too insists I read his new book. Of course, I've already promised to read the Pullman His Dark Materials trilogy. I'm still behind on Daughter's list by at least two books.

Meanwhile. The romance TBR sits neglected in the corner. The new Carpathian comes out on our anniversary. I'm excited. I hope & pray they get better. I'm on the verge of giving up on Ms. Feehan. What else? I bought an older La Nora (only .25 at the library sale! for a hardcover! I like !! too, lol), the second in the Irish trilogy. It'll only be my third book by her. I read two of her alien/human from outer space gets stuck on earth books & my heart really wasn't captured at all. They were well done etc. My heart was left in the cold. So, here's hoping I like these better.


CindyS said...

Wait. Is La Nora, Nora Roberts? Are the books with the aliens by Nora Roberts because I had no clue she ever wrote about aliens. What rock have I been under?

Hope you have a great weekend!


jenster said...

Hope your weekend was great. Looking forward to reading about it. :o)


Bookwormom said...

CindyS- I guess they weren't 'aliens'. They were humans born elsewhere who happened to get here long enough to fall in love.