Saturday, July 29, 2006


More fun chores around the house this morning. The kitchen window fan was removed & cleaned & put away. The window was cleaned & insulated with clear film. Remember when I whined about the landlord putting in decks but not fixing important stuff? Like better windows? No? Anyhow. What else did we do? Vacuum. Fixed a hiding place for the remaining two ghost shrimp. Good thing they were only .25 each- they make great feeder fish.

After visiting everyone on my blogroll, I realized I still need to read a romantic suspense for AngieW's July challenge. I guess I'm doing better than last month- I totally forgot until after the 30th. Oops. The only RS I have is one of Anne Stuart's. Hope it's as good as her usual stuff. I normally dislike RS since they're often a bad hybrid.

Husband & I went for a short drive out to the Valley. Made sure we stayed on the tiny, mainly residential roads. Drove through a steady, cool rain & came out to baking heat on the other side. Saw an organic veg. farm & a pick your own peach orchard- closed for the day. A huge family farm given over to glass hothouses nurturing Lord only knows what behind the steam laden windows. Unfortunately, the real estate developers are slowly encroaching into the Valley. More & more fields & patches of trees now have signs along the edge of the road. Those looking for a respite from the rat race will have to move further & further out. It's sad, really. Just as it says in the song pretty soon all the treres will be in a tree museum & you'll have to pay to see them.

Gotta go- dinner's almost ready & then it's time to go for a run/jog/up-the-hill torture session. See ya tomorrow.

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